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Full Version: m4v - fixed (have m4v working)
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How do you get kodi to show m4v? friend past these files to me, idk if there iTunes bc the size is bigger than iTunes.
I can play my files in any video player including iTunes.
I rename all of my m4v files as mp4 and they work fine in kodi.
Feel like an idiot and one thing i didn't check after failed attempt to try your idea of just one episode. undo the rename and started thinking
While viewing
>Videos>Tiny Toon Adventures

Didn't show Air Date & no episode info
just donged on me that I checked out the info part where it was coming from, coming from local, LOL. So after changing that to "The TVDB".
And so all of them with .m4v are now showing.

stupid that it has to have info in order to be displayed in a way. It should just take the files as is with file naming "show - 1x01 - episode name" and leave it just that and shows it without checking internet sources for titles and episode info. to me is just retarded in way and excuse of not showing.