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Full Version: Questions about metadata
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I've got a home built media center computer in my room along with a custom built server. I'm currently running Emby on them for a rich media experience. However, I wanted to try and get something small and noiseless to use in another room. I've decided to go with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi. I just finished getting it working and started configuring it to access my media on the server.

Does Kodi have a way to interpret the Emby .xml files I've created for my media? If not, and it has to re-download everything, does it store this information locally on the SD card or in the file paths of the server?

I'd really like a no hassle, direct plug and play method to access my media, but it looks like the only way I can do it is through creating a path through Samba and just play locally without any metadata. I did initially see an option to get metadata from a source like TheTVDB, which I already did on the server. I didn't know if it would create a whole bunch of new files on the server or store them locally. Can somebody help explain how it works, and help me configure it so I won't make a mistake?

Never mind, I got Emby working correctly now. Smile