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Full Version: Is it possible to change Airplay audio output?
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Dear fellow forum Members,

I would like to use the Airplay part in Kodi to play text anouncements.
I have Openelec based systems in almost every room in the house, and my home automation system is capable of sending anouncements to Airplay devices.
For normal media consuption my Kodi boxes are connected to a TV or Amp by HDMI.
I would like to connect a simple 3,5mm active PC speaker to these boxes for the announcements only.
This way I still would be able to hear the announcements when the TV's and Amps are turned off, and would not disrupt any playing media when turned on.
For this to work I need to be able to direct the audio send trough airplay to an alternative audio output (analog in my case).
Is there a way to to this at the moment?

Thanks in advance,