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Full Version: Handling video quality updates
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Is there any way with Kodi to handle video quality updates. For example I may have a TV show ripped from a lower quality source, and at some later point I replace the same episode with a better quality source (dvdrip -> bluray rip or hdtv source to webdl). This results in Kodi marking episodes I've already seen as unwatched. Is there anything way to prevent this from happening?
If you keep the same filename it keeps watched status however it won't auto update the metadata like resolution resolution. For that you need to play it for a second
Ah ok, unfortunate this wouldn't work fro me as I keep some information about the quality, source etc in the file name also.

Would there be a way to do this manually by modifying the db from a script (i.e I would know when I'm updating a file)
I have a few Web-dl downloads but only get audio. I have read some of the forums and my Web-dl is mkv format. So why does it only play the audio on the computer and media player. What do I do to get the visuals thx

1. Don't hijack others thead. Open your own and explain your issue
2. Read this before posting: 233369 (thread)