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Full Version: How to completely uninstall/reinstall tvh backend
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After installing from a previous backup, tvh has been on the fritz. Wasn't letting me into the web gui; turns out it was b/c tvh wasn't even starting up. I got it started again via Putty, but as soon as I close Putty, I get constant disconnection popups in Kodi. Further, the web gui wouldn't scan for muxes while connected anyway. I made a ton of changes / deleted some folders while trouble shooting and I wouldn't doubt that has something to do w/ the current situation. At this point, would prefer to start over w/ a completely clean install of the tvh backend. Could anyone tell me what directories/folders I need to delete / shouldn't delete, once I've uninstalled tvh in Kodi? Running OpenELEC, still on Helix, on a Chromebox as both the backend and client. Any help very much appreciated.
Try this thread: http://openelec.tv/forum/71-pvr-live-tv/...-tvheadend

Assuming your OE installation is contemporary with this post, that should allow you to clean things out, assuming that removing the addon(s) from within Kodi doesn't get rid of everything.

You should be okay to disable the PVR client, remove the backend, reinstall the backend and then reconfigure and enable the client - there's theoretically no good reason to remove the clients as well if you have scanning issues as they should be unrelated.

You may also want to look at the latest OE betas, as they're likely to have updated clients and backend software - save yourself a migration when 6.0 final comes out, if nothing else!
Thanks, Prof. I'll give that a go. Have been meaning to update to Isengard anyway, so maybe will try 6.0.
The beta works well for me - from another thread, I believe it's only still tagged as a beta as it's waiting for Isengard 15.2 - it's perfectly stable for everyday use otherwise.