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Full Version: tvsource connection
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Hi there, new to this and kodi. Always very content with dvblink tv source and wmc. recently switched to windows 10 and by the lack of mediacenter trying to connect to kodi. it keeps telling me that the connection is lost. read elsewhere that i should be able to connect to but i seem not able to. switched off windows firewall, no change. please help. means your server is running on the same machine as your KODI setup. is that the case?
Furthermore: in the KODI PVR Addon, you only have to specify the IP of the server in that Format: ( just as an example) and the correct port your server is running on.
Since DVBLing 5.x the default Port in 8100 if I remember right. This should be the default value in the PVR addon. If you havent change anything on your server, let this value untouched and only enter the IP of your server.
Hi thanks, almost everything is working now.

My remaining problem might solve itself over time otherwise I will open a new thread on it: the EPG guide shows only part of my channels, I hope this will solve itself when kodi refreshes the information or something... I will give it until tomorrow. This might be due to the fact that I first tried with a small subset of channels and then after I found everything worked fine added the full list of channels within DVB TV Source. Also I noticed 2 crashes of KODI one stating that my video card drivers were started again, the other one after I managed channels. But I can not reproduce so I hope these stay 'incidents' and do not become 'problems'.

By the way, localhost and the ip adres of my machine in the local network (192.168.0.xxx) all work exactly the same. I would not expect otherwise.

The right url to test for availability of the source using DVB TVSource is http://localhost:8100