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Full Version: Radio stations buffering
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I'm using openelec 6.0 beta 5 along with Tvheadend 4.1-356~gd9de91c and have an issue with radio stations. More often than not, radio stations buffer before they start to play. Its happen with helix aswell but seems to be even worse now with isengard. This is the log for a channel from when it was selected. Its annoying now Smile and doesnt seem to happen with tv stations.

Anyone have any suggestions or is this a known tvheadend issue?

Maybe it's the same problem as I described here: http://tvheadend.org/issues/3066
Thanks for the response. In this case the radio stations are unencrypted so it just seems strange.

edit: correction, buffering does happen on some tv channels and sometimes no audio/skipping unlike with helix. Going to return to Helix for now.
Have you also tried the channels when using VLC? Same issue with both Kodi and VLC.
Have gone back to Helix, will have another try over weekend. Live tv/radio experience didnt seem as good as with helix unfortunately.