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Full Version: Album lists is missing right hand label
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Just noticed that in the current Jarvis master various music album lists now only show album name. They used to show album name on the left and the sort criteria on the right i.e. artist or year etc. This effects Media Info, Album Info, List and Big List layouts.

Not sure if this is a Confluence issue or a dev one?
hmm... i can't reproduce it.

on my end it will show the artist name on the right, regardless of the sort option.
afaik it's always been that way.
Well I obviously dreamt it varying with sort criteria Confused

In Isengard whenever I list albums, just like you say, I get the artist name on the right hand side. But there is still something odd with Jarvis...

To be expected while it is being developed I know, but I can't see why it is doing what it is. Sometimes I get the artist names on the right, but sometimes I don't. In particular if I list albums from the main screen then the artist names are missing. But If I go through the hierarchy Music>Library>Artists and select to see the albums for an artist then the atist names are shown on the right hand side of the list.

Maybe it is just the build I am looking at (commit 40441fb44c2dcd73cd7e81c7f77aa4fb2f74e0a8), I thought for a while it was a change I had made, but reverted to my repo master and artist name is sometimes missing from the right hand side of the albums list.

May return on a later build, but I would like to know what is happening.

[Edit: well it turns out that the Music>Albums display is cached. I had run my own faulty version of Jarvis, then running the official Jarvis I was still seeing a cached broken view. Learned something new today, and the story is here in case it helps someone in the furure.]