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Full Version: Title on tv show includes Season and Episode
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I started Kodi today and looked at tv shows.

Now the shows are showing "3X05. The Usurper" S03E05
Before it was showing "The Usurper"

Why did this this happened, and is there a way to get it to just show "The Usurper" as before?

Thx in advance
maybe you ended up in the Files section instead of the TV Shows Library?
It is in both places. Tv shows and under Videos/series.

Strange, because last time i used it, it was ok. It is maybe 5 weeks ago....
try if changing the sort option helps...
other that that, i wouldn't know.
This is happening to me only on UPnP and is really annoying. It's independent of skin as well. If the TV show has a long name (like "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), it's impossible to see episode titles in the list. Anyone know how to fix this?
I have renamed in many ways now, and still same problem.
Any solution on this?

Mine does the same thing. My TV collection has both scrapped and .nfo files. Regardless of whether the episode is scrapped or has an .nfo file, If there is more than one season, the shows display the way you are asking but if there is only one season I get 1x02 etc.
In Settings/Media/Videos set Flatten TV Show Seasons to Never and see if that helps.
Thx Big Grin Big Grin