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Full Version: Surveillance Room - Your IP Camera Companion with extra Foscam HD Support
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Hello all!

I've been working on an addon which kind of combines some other similar addons, and includes many new features. I wanted all of the features in FoscamHD and the functions in SecurityCamOverlay, while having multiple camera capability. I wanted it all in one spot and I wanted to be able to customize. My inspiration was for me to have this as a room monitor for my children while they sleep, and also to know when someone pulls into my driveway. It has been working great for me. This is my first Add-on project but by no means do I think its rough around the edges.


Install my repository and then install the add-on from there. Get notified of add-on updates! It's under both 'Program add-ons' or 'Video add-ons'
Repository Download

*Developed on KODI 15.2 (Isengard). Tested working on Helix, Isengard and now Jarvis!.

Latest Version: Nov 30, 2015 - v1.2.3
Github Link: https://github.com/maikito26/plugin.video.surveillanceroom

If motion or sound is detected a small image preview will slide onto the screen. Pressing select *will* stop any playing media and open the main video feed with basic controls for pan/tilt and mirror/flip. Exit with the back button or click the close control, and the previously playing file will resume. This works for up to 4 cameras simultaneously
Also, there is a menu to select these cameras individually or all of them to play at once.

watch gallery

- Connect up to 4 IP/Foscam Cameras
- Supports credentials for Foscam, but you can overwrite the URL manually to support non-Foscam cameras, or the C model which has RTSP port hard coded to 554.
- Watch in multiple streaming formats, with camera controls displayed overtop of a single camera view.
- Preview cameras while watching content, with Motion and Sound Detection, or by calling it manually using RunPlugin()
- Open the camera stream from a preview, and will resume what you were watching when you close the stream.
- Logic to determine when preview is allowed to display. Configure which windows not to display for.
- Set a home location to move PTZ enabled Foscam cameras to when Kodi starts
- Supports both Foscam HD and Foscam SD APIs (or any copy-cat models)

Additional Context Menu Addons - Also available from my repo!
Configure a context item to show previews, fullscreen, or all cameras! - https://github.com/maikito26/context.sur...eroom.play
Toggle the automatic previews on or off as you need them! - https://github.com/maikito26/context.sur...glepreview

Map a remote button
To easily to view All Cameras, a single camera feed, or a picture-in-picture (PIP) preview, you can map a remote button.

For all cameras:

For just a single camera (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):

For picture-in-picture (PIP) preview (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):
<green>XBMC.RunPlugin(plugin://plugin.video.surveillanceroom?action=show_preview&camera_number=1) </green>

For just a single camera without controls (update camera_number= with the integer of the desired camera, 1 - 4):

** Additionally you can call this script externally for home-automation/doorbells/etc using the same syntax.

Known Issues
- *HIGH PRIORITY* When using MJPEG for all player or preview, its possible there might be a lag that grows overtime depending on network speed and computer speed. Work Around: Use snapshots
- *MEDIUM PRIORITY* Zoom buttons are not included in remote/keyboard navigation scheme yet. Work around: Use the mouse
- *MEDIUM PRIORITY* Screensaver will come on during All Camera player when its playing
- *LOW PRIORITY* Z-Order of windows isn't optimized if calling from the script for multiple player types. Not a likely scenario but some 'error' logic can be added to prevent any potential issues
- *LOW PRIORITY* If multiple preview windows are opened, you can only close the window by mouse which was opened last.

Credit and thanks to the following addons/developers for inspiration and a lot of the groundwork:
* https://github.com/LS80/script.foscam (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=190439)
* https://github.com/RyanMelenaNoesis/Xbmc...ecuritycam (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=182540)
* https://github.com/Shigoru/script.securitycams (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=218815)

Questions/comments/suggestions are encouraged!
Cool, I'm thinking of getting some IP-Cameras and would love to integrate it with Kodi
Newly released v0.1.0 today. If anyone has tried it out yet, this should fix quite a few things that I thought was broken in the previous one. This one has more functionality.
New release v0.2.0. Changed the name to Surveillance Room by the suggestion of my wife. And like any good husband I do what I'm told!
Hoping I can figure out a way to get this to work with the Motorola mbp36s. Thanks for this.
@ bry-
Is that camera capable of connecting to a network? When I googled it, it looks like its a closed system running on a proprietary network. If you can't connect it to the network then it won't work with this add-on unfortunately.
It supposedly has a Web interface. I'll see what I can find as it is still in the package
Very cool Add-on! I hope to see it submitted to the official repository soon Smile

Will it work with any IP based camera? Or is it Foscam specific?
Thanks zag!

This add-on will work with other IP based cameras. The functions that won't work are PTZ/flip/mirror and motion/sound detection. Also, just Foscam HD (198xx) cameras will work fully as the 189xx use a different CGI interface. Its on my plan to include the 189xx series CGI commands but will be unable to test them. The add-on was intended to be able to tap into different camera APIs once they're knwon and include. With that said, if someone is using a different type of IP camera that supports an API and willing to do a few tests with me I can include it into the add-on.

I do intend on submitting this to the official repo shortly.
Hi maikito26,

I joined this forum to find this exact answer (I hope) - I've got a 2 x Foscam FI9826 IP cameras & my requirement is to view their live feeds (via URLs) on 2 different Panasonic smart TVs. The issue I had was that the Panasonics do not have a decent web browser from which I could navigate to the ip camera's url.

Hence the reason for a cheap kodi based raspberri Pi or similar PC. I'm reading up on kodi installation, h/w requirements & addons - don't really want to end up buying something I don't need.

Your utility seems to be the very thing that I need... So, just wanted to thank you - it would be awesome if you had a noob-guide for numpties like me.

This add-on can and will do more than just that with your set of cameras. I'm just working on a new 'final' release which implements a large set of features I wanted. Documentation will follow. Hoping for this weekend to have it all laid out.

Oh and in case there is any specific functionality you need I'd be more than happy to work with you to develop it if it doesn't already exist.
This is great - I thought today it would be great to have camera viewing in Kodi, and this is hot out of the oven less than 10 days ago! What timing!

I tried using XBMC.RunAddon(plugin.video.surveillanceroom,preview,1) on my remote but it goes to the add-on interface (All Cameras, Camera 1, Add-on Settings) instead of the camera view. Any ideas? I'm using a 'other' camera with MJPEG video, works fine if I go to it direct.
@davyike - Thanks! I'm glad you will be able to use it.

As for the issue, offhand the only thing I can possibly think about is maybe the preview setting isn't enabled for the camera. However if you wait until tomorrow I should have the newer version released which is more robust, and provides better compatibility with generic IP cameras. I hope this will resolve any hidden issue the beta version had.
Hello Everyone! Officially released! Will be submitting to the official repo shortly too. Thanks!
Awesome app, thanks! It works great with my Foscam HD cam, but can't get it to work with my FI8910W Foscam. Is this camera supported? I'm guessing I should select the (future support) selection right? Thanks!
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