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Full Version: mythtv/pvr dialog question
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Great skin, thanks!

Had a question about the OSD for PVR recorded shows...

When watching a Live TV broadcast the OSD i button brings up detailed information about the current show. When watching a recorded show the OSD i button brings up a blank box. I'm pretty sure the information is in the mythtv database, does kodi/pvr modules not pull it.. if it does, is there a way to customize the skin to provide the recorded show details?

I'm assuming it is getting the information from the schedule for both live and recorded...

i'm not sure what the problem is. since i don't have a mythtv setup myself, i can't test it here.
could you please check how it works in the Confluence skin?

there are a couple of pvr addons that require additional skin files iirc.
which pvr addon are you using?