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Full Version: No file structure with Kore?
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Hi I've been using Kore for awhile but I don't really like the way of browsing my music, and I just can't seem to find my music files anymore.

I have a specific folder under music named "Best" where I have a couple of my favorites, usually I just go and start the first song in that folder and it plays all music files in there.
But with Kore I can't find my own created folders, is there no file structure where I can browse my folders? Or am I missing something? I feel like that is a quite vital function for this app.

Or do you have any suggestions on how to wark around it? Am I the only one managing my files in my own structures?

Best regards
Left side menu->Files->Music tab doesn't work?
(2015-10-07, 23:45)syncd Wrote: [ -> ]Left side menu->Files->Music tab doesn't work?

Nope, it sets up it's own file structure. My own created folders are no where to be found.
I'm surprised no one else has seen this issue, or perhaps I'm the only one that manage some of my music files in my own created folders?

I have the same problem than Letho. In Kore, the "Left side menu->Files->Music" sets up its own menu, made with information coming from the scan of the folder, and sometimes made with the file structure itself.

It is also annoying for me... Sometimes, for example, a folder is renamed with what is inside, without being a good idea.
I would like to have both function :
- "Left side menu->Music" for Library browsing
- "Left side menu->Files->Music" for file structure browsing. And this does not work for me (unless I am missing something !)

In any case, congratulation for the great work made on Kore. I hope it will keep getting better !