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Full Version: Forgot my password...
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Grrr... I can't remember the password or email address that I used for the ScottAllyn account on these forums. The email address is still probably valid; 'just don't know which one it is.

Any chance of a mod/admin firing off a password reset email to the address associated with the ScottAllyn account?

you've got mail.
I'm in a similar situation for the "palswim" account. Would a mod mind also sending me a password reset message? Many thanks!
hehe, just handled your request a minute ago ;-)
(2015-10-15, 20:50)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]hehe, just handled your request a minute ago ;-)
Great minds think alike!
(2015-10-07, 23:03)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]you've got mail.

Thanks ronie. I must have been using a different email address than I thought back then, as I haven't received anything. I realize that you can't tell me the email address associated with the account, but (if it's not too much trouble), can you confirm whether the email domain is the .com version of the email domain associated with THIS account? Hrrm... or it *could* be a somewhat ominous sounding 4-letter .net domain. Maybe I should just let it go. Big Grin