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Full Version: Setting a starting play time for movies
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I hope this is the right place to post this question...

I record a lot of movies from TV using Mediaportal TV Server on a PC.

I have a number of Raspberry PIs running Openelec that I have enabled MediaPortal PVR addon and all works very well.

Periodically, when I have nothing else better to do, I move the recordings over to the Movie library that I view from the Raspberry PIs from the MediaPortal Recordings directory. Note each RP has it's own library, I have not gone down the route of using MySQL yet.

Is there any way ( existing feature that I haven't found, AddOn, etc) to set (individually for each movie) the start point for playback so that I can avoid having to fast forward to the startpoint of the movie every single time I want to watch it once I have moved it into the Movie Library? This could be 30 seconds up to 13 or more minutes into the recording before the movie starts?

Thanks for your help.
So, looking around for an answer to my question above, I have discovered a solution and it works!

Edit decision lists or .edl files are what is required. Turns out you can do other things like skip ads as well.

It's documented here in the wiki:


Hope that helps the 172 of you that have checked this post out already.