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Full Version: REQUEST: Apple TV (iTV) skin clone/replica?
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Has anyone started work on a XBMC skin which imatates the interface of the recently announced AppleTV?
yes, look in the xbox screne forums its called iTV. i don't know if i can post a link..
It's called xTV and it is in the XBMC forum on Xbox-Scene.
Hi all developers, Would'nt it be cool to make a skin that looks like Apple's Frontrow or Apple TV gui

I think i culd crack the frontrow open to get all the graphics out of it if needed
There are already a few threads about this:




I believe they have made the most progress in the thread at xbox-scene.

I think this is like the 3rd thread on this here in the last week...

Maybe next time you could do a little browsing or searching before posting a new topic?