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Full Version: locked out of Kodi....
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I recently acquired an old apple tv 1st generation.. I have been experimenting with Kodi. I installed it and then accidentally set the " Master user" password somehow and now have no clue what to do. I have read that the profile maybe in the "user profile" folder but how do i get access to the folder. If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated. like i mentioned, im new to this so please be patient if i dont know what your saying and have to ask more than once. lol
From "Finder" pull down the "Go" menu.
Select "Go to folder".
Enter this path in the text box-
~/Library/Application Support/Kodi
This will show you all the Kodi folders. You probably want "User Data".
hey, thanks for the quick response...im using a pc to access. i think your saying from a MAC...unfortunately do not use one. any other way?...i used my browser to access via ip address, get to Kodi page but none of the folders will open...Profile, video, music, etc...tried using Putty for windows but it to asks me for login and a password