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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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To be honest i can't say for sure if there will be a Jarvis version anytime soon. The last updates consumed so much time that it only can guess how many hours a backport will consume Smile But still - there is hope left...

In the meantime there are always previews-builds of KODI Krypton:
http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=269815 (LibreELEC)
http://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/win32/ (Windows)
Does anyone use a KODI setup with audio passthrough disabled (LPCM via HDMI only, sound is only played via external AVR, larger speaker setup, most likely a LibreELEC setup) and uses VolumeAmplification to make use of the dynamic range compression capabilities of KODI?

(to avoid dialogues and explosions beging insanely different in volume. aka: "whisper-whisper-bomb-explosion-omg-where-is-my-remote-control?!")

I planned to only implement this for myself without any harm for others (you would not notice the hidden code), but if anyone is really interested, i could make it available for others, too.

Let me know.
If it's a toggle, then it's fine. Otherwise, i think most people would not want the audio to be messed with by the skin.

Sent from my Nexus 5
Yeah. That's what i thought and was the reason why i planned to make the code being completely ignored when not being on my personal setup.
Let's see if anyone is interested, if not, i will proceed with implementing it completely unnoticed for users other than myself. (No buttons, no executed code, no options for every one but me)
I'm interested too. Toggle is perfect.
3.0.43 (2016-08-14)
- Added experimental, TOTALLY OPTIONAL, BY DEFAULT DISABLED, automatic VolumeAmplification-DRC options
(see http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=242892 for more information or questions)
See: System - Skin Settings - General Settings - scroll all the way down to: EXPERIMENTAL section
WARNING: Please only enable this options if you are really really knowing what you are doing!

Again, this is totally optional! Only enable it if you are an expert. If you don't enable it, the Skin acts as before. There is no harm for normal/casual users. Just leave the experimental, optional settings alone/disabled.


There are 2 new options:

- Enable VolumeAmplification-DRC automatically (ONLY for movies in library)

If playback of a MOVIE from the library is started, this automatically happens:
- volume amplification is set to +10 dB
- main volume is set to about -7,8 dB to have roughly the same global volume results as before
(In combination, this settings solve the insane differences in volume without losing a good dynamic range between silent and loud sounds within movies)

If playback of every other type of media gets started (internet streams, other video files, tv shows, live-tv, live-tv-radio, music, etc.), this automatically happens:
- volume amplifcation is reset to 0dB (=disabled)
- main volume is reset to 0dB=100% (default)
(everything back to normal for every other media since these other files don't have insane volume differences. tv shows for example are mixed very moderate and almost never have dialogue problems. therefore, using DRC on tv shows would not be very reasonable. Movies with modern audio tracks are _the_ main problem, so we don't do anything when playing other media files.)

- Show VolumeAmplification-DRC toggle-button in VideoOSD (except LiveTV)
- Adds a small additional toggle-button to VideoOSD (if you wan't to switch the preset VolumeAmplification-DRC capabilities ON/OFF by hand)
For example: If you are playing a high quality movie through an legal streaming service like Amazon VOD, VA-DRC is not enabled automatically (as described above). In such a case you can decide if you want to enable it by manually by pressing the toggle button. A short notification tells you if toggle on/off

Feedback welcome!
Hi "axbmcuser".
I have installed: KODI 17 (Krypton) Alpha 3.
Today I tried to run automatic update to the new version: 3.0.43.
So I came here to download the ZIP file. I installed on KODI and then the REPO.
I checked the file provided here is the 3.0.42 version. Not the 3.0.43 version.
I went to KODI and could not reinstall the 3.0.42 version.
This reinstallation blocks KODI.
When restarted the KODI, I have the default theme.
Quickly resolve this issue, please.
Thanks and hugs.
As i always, i double checked the new versions update in my repo and used (auto-)update myself on two test systems.
After your post i triple checked 3.0.43, 3.0.44 and 3.0.45. No problems. There is nothing i can do, it seems. This has to be a totally non skin-specific issue.

3.0.45 is the latest version for KODI 17

If you like to, you can download the different versions from here and install any of them by hand:

To sum it up for other users: The described issue has nothing to do with the latest changes. So, dont be afraid. Skin is clean as usual xD Big Grin
Hi "axbmcuser".
With this link transfer this file "repository.axbmcuser-1.1.3.zip".
I updated the KODI.
Unsuccessful: the version is 3.0.42 and 3.0.43 not as reported.
I can not reinstall the theme. And KODI blocks and restarts by default.
Please send me the ZIP file with the 3.0.43 version.
Thank you.
Visit the link i posted above:

It contains direct .zip downloads of _all_ versions!


(for example)

From my side there is no reason to use 3.0.43.
3.0.45 is the latest version with some additional minor fixes.
Hi "axbmcuser".
Thank you for your message and direct links.
I have reported the 3.0.43 version, because I did not know the version 3.0.45.
I tried to install, but blocked KODI.
I reinstalled KODI Krypton Alpha 3. I tried to install the theme. Nothing new.
I will try other options.
Thank you.
Hi "axbmcuser".
My KODI is installed in the system is Windows 10.
What is the folder where the theme "Confluence ZEITGEIST"?
I will delete this folder, try to reinstall it again.
Thank you.

Should be something similar (maybe not exact) like

Hi "axbmcuser".
I appreciate the information. I cleaned everything as indicated.
It is very complicated.
When restarted the KODI 17, he did not starting.
I had to reinstall KODI 16.1 and tried to install "The ZEITGEIST CONFLUENCE".
I tried installing in this order, versions 3.0.45, 3.0.43 and 3.0.42 after. Unsuccessfully.
ERROR: "unable to meet DEPENDENCE XBMC.GUI".
The file "XBMCSWIFT2" has the 4.2.01 version.
So I installed the ZEITGEIST CONFLUENCE version 2.8.85 and is working.
What should I do?
Thank you.
"xbmc.gui" version="5.12.0"

(exactly the same for skin.aczg, skin.confluence, skin.estuary)

Looks like a strange KODI problem. Maybe you ask in main KODI subforum?


Try this nightly build of KODI 17