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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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Hi "axbmcuser".
I appreciate your information.
I reinstalled again the KODI 17.
I note that the "AXBMCUSER REPO have version 1.1.3.
The Confluence Zeitgeist has the 3.0.45 version.
However, when choose this theme, the KODI blocks immediately. And does not apply the chosen theme.
It is very complicated.
I'll leave the Confluence Zeitgeist, I like both.
Thank you, very much.
Hi "axbmcuser".
Thank you for your attention and your help.
I followed their instructions and installed the latest beta:
Then I reinstalled the "xbmcuser REPO" 1.1.3.
After I installed the theme "Confluence Zeitgeist" 3.0.45, successfully and without error.
I am very pleased, to have again this excellent theme in my KODI 17 (Beta).

The problem is KODI 17 Alpha 3 which is incompatible.

Best regards and hugs.
Great to hear!

Then we can move back to topic Big Grin Did anyone (of you advanced users) try out the Auto VA-DRC options and corresponding toggle button?

I'm using it without any problems so far and tried to make the implementation very clean/universal/error-prone.
What i like most is that Auto VA-DRC just enables automatically for movies in library, but is disabled for tv shows and all other files. Besides the fact that tv shows almost never have large dynamic range, there are also tv shows with very loud and peaky dialogues which should never be amplified. This was my initial reason for the automated mechanism.

3.0.47 (2016-08-17)
- [DialogVideoInfo.xml] New button: "Set" (Example: If a movie is part of a movie set, you can jump right into the set via this button. It's positioned to the right of the "Director" button and only visible, if the item is part of a set.)
- [VideoOSD.xml] Added permanent default focus for OSD play controls for LiveTV content (Non-LiveTV content defaulted to pause button already. Now LiveTV content defaults to channel down button)
I am very happy with your skin and use the Jarvis skin. Is it possible that I can easy change the view option to only list, so I remove the other options from the skin?

I got this now in MyVideonav.xml:

<defaultcontrol always="true">50</defaultcontrol>



When I delete <views>50,51,901,500,550,909,908,551,560,501,508,504,503,515,505,511</views> do I then only got the 50 listview what I like to have?
Hey... Besides the fact that it's a very non skin specific general question which others could benefit from or may be already covered in the wiki - i don't think that will work.

You could try to remove the <include>-lines which include the different views - every one but the one which is the actual list view (CommonRootView).

Should be line 38 to 69. Try to remove these lines. Backup, as always.
3.0.49 (2016-08-25)
- Other minor improvements

3.0.48 (2016-08-24)
- [DialogGameControllers.xml] [language/] Sync latest Confluence changes
- [VideoOSD.xml] Minor change of OSD player controls when playing LiveTV: Switched channel up/down button onclick-actions to match remote control and keyboard controls (this has been unituitive and inconsistent before)
- Reworked [OverlayWatching.png] (Inspired by Estuary + un1versal)
- Other minor improvements
Besides all the KODI 17 skin updates in the past weeks, i'm happy to announce that there is now a KODI 16 (Jarvis) backport of the latest skin version.

Not all changes are included due to obvious reasons, but very very many including:
- all new VideoOSD and other reworked graphics
- the optional improved floor removal option.
- Video chapters/bookmarks are reworked to some kind of timeline-style (very useful imho)
- visual changes regarding too bulky fonts, visually improved shutdown menu and more

2.8.86 (2016-08-25)
- Now for KODI 16: Partial backport of latest skin version (which is only available on KODI 17). Many small to medium changes!

Please let me know if everything is okay on KODI 16.
Thanks for the Jarvis update, so far so good
KODI 16 (Jarvis) backport now complete. Take a look at the new uniform search dialog (which KODI 17 users already know for some time)

2.8.87 (2016-08-27)
- Now for KODI 16:
More features and changes backported from latest skin version (which is only available on KODI 17)
- Reworked breadcrumbs
- Added _optional_ support for Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic Ratings (via script.skin.helper.service - if installed)
- Reworked many views (List, Big List, LiveTV, ...)
- Reworked OSD player button graphics
- Added all new uniform search-selection-dialog on home screen based on internal search functions (search button can be hidden in Skin Settings, workaround for broken youtube add-on search, dropped direct script.globalsearch add-on support (still can be used as widget!))
- Reworked footer area regarding item count and mouse buttons
- Reworked home screen "player controls" including fullscreen button and search button position
- Floor graphics now plain color
- Improved Option "Remove floor-graphics"
- Reworked Bookmarks/Chapters-Dialog to timeline-style [VideoOSDBookmarks.xml]
- Added submenu items "Special Lists" for Movies + TV shows main menu items [Home.xml] [IncludesHomeMenuItems.xml]
- Added submenu item "Refresh" for Weather main menu item [Home.xml] [IncludesHomeMenuItems.xml]
- Added submenu for main menu item "Add-ons" and changed click target [Home.xml] [IncludesHomeMenuItems.xml]
- Reworked Addon Info Dialog [DialogAddonInfo.xml]
- Improvements for Weather [MyWeather.xml] [ViewsWeather.xml]
- Improved Fanart support
- Weather focus fix (Bug in Original Confluence)
- Sidebar player controls improvements including default focus fixes, added playlist button icon
- Other improvements including minor fix "black out everything behind playing video"
Hey, I like this skin! It's really a nice enhancement of Confluence. Thanks for coming up with this.

The only requests I have are in the Favourites selection/folder all my favorites are stacked, two per line, all the way down (I have 56). It would be nice to see them populate the whole screen. Also, I would like to see the fonts a bit larger and the thumbnails as well (my wife can barely each of our favorites).

Best regards,
Hey there. Thanks for the feedback! I did both things by intention: 2 items per favorites-row and favorites font-sizes are to match the rest of the skin. I re-checked and don't plan to change things at this moment. I will always re-check such feedback while working further. So, we'll see. Smile (EDIT: just tested 3 favorites per row... have to use it some time to check if it feels right)

Side notes: While screens hitting 55-65" size as standard, many UI of todays devices get smaller and smaller. Keeping this in mind, font sizes are still quite normal/medium sized in todays KODI and also in my skin.

Maybe there will be a "larger fonts" option in future, which makes all text a little larger.

If you are really really want larger fonts right now, you could make changes to the skins "Font.xml" by increasing font-size by 1-2px for every font entry. Make sure to backup you modded file, since every new skin version will overwrite the Font.xml file as usual.
Hi axbmcuser,
I really love this skin.. I use Kodi 17 and this skin is A LOT better than estuary (witch is a no go for me for many reasons).
If I may, I would suggest to put 3 more buttons in Video OSD menu... "repeat", "shuffle" and "info"... shortcuts to functions that (in my opinion) are essential... I even made an image showing what it should look like (sorry for quality, it was made in paint hehehehe)
Repeat button would have repeat one / repeat all / off options. Shuffle button would have on and off options. Info button would lead to Info page, where you can see movie infos like Storyline and Cast.
It's just a suggestion, I have found no bugs, this skin is really good and I recommend it for sure...
axbmcuser, thanks for your great work, you made Kodi faster and more beautiful...


Best regards!
Hey Sérgio. Thanks for the well written feedback!

I already thought about an INFO-button in VideoOSD - but as i found no easy way to shortcut to the Video Information Dialog, it's only in my head for now. I will re-check the possibilites.

What about the repeat and shuffle button in VideoOSD? Can you describe, why you think it's needed? I think most people maybe would benefit more of a Playlist button in the VideoOSD, since they don't use the repeat or shuffle function while playing videos because they simply watch 1 movie or multiple tv show episodes in a row. Do you mix up video playlists?
Thanks for your feedback!

I watch a lot of tv show episodes and cartoons at night, when I go to sleep, and I usually put them in random order so I can have a mixed content displaying... and I have to go through lots of steps just to find shuffle and repeat (in estuary it's even worse...). And I also like to watch series in regular order, so I use these buttons a lot... But again, it's just a feature I use a lot, and it's not something ultimately important. The skin works really great.

Again, thank you for your fast feedback!

Maybe a settings option to enable/disable these "shuffle" and "repeat" buttons in Video OSD could be a nice add to this Skin...