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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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You would have to edit "720p/DialogVideoInfo.xml" within the skin folder and search for the very first occurrence "ListItem.Mpaa" you can find.

The lines there reads something like
    <visible>!String.IsEmpty(ListItem.Mpaa) + [!String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated G) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated PG-13) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated PG) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated R) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated NC) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,US:not rated) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,FSK )]</visible>

In this block, remove the line

<visible>!String.IsEmpty(ListItem.Mpaa) + [!String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated G) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated PG-13) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated PG) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated R) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,Rated NC) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,US:not rated) + !String.Contains(ListItem.Mpaa,FSK )]</visible>

After that, the rating should be part of the grey box in video info dialog of a movie (the box which starts with "File name:" - maybe have to scroll down until you find "Rating")
(2016-11-03, 12:15)BBriner Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-11-03, 12:09)axbmcuser Wrote: [ -> ].... What does ListItem.Mpaa return for all of those movies? (some examples are sufficient)

How can I get this information ?

I think I got the root cause of the problem. The skin is expecting a specific format right? So it seems when searching the forum for ListItem.Mpaa and found out this post.


I am at work now so I cannot try the format above so my question is, should it be "Rated: NR", "Rated: G", etc.?
Yes, it's something like that.
Thank you for work on this skin. The effort is truly appreciated.
Hi Sir,
I would love if following was possible in your skin:

I use iVue as EPG, and would like to add the iVue icon as a short-cut to Movies instead of Programs or Add-ons .
So Kodi should "see" iVue as a Video add-on instead of a Program add-on! Can this be done??

Cheers- and thanks in advance!
Steen Malmberg
3.0.70 (2016-11-14)
- Other minor improvements

3.0.69 (2016-11-14)
- Added System Info Privacy Policy support (According to latest KODI core changes)
- VideoOSD button "INFO" which leads to the video info dialog is now improved and based on "service.library.data.provider" (and automatically shown for movies and episodes VideoOSD)
The INFO button is working really great! It's awesome to have infos during the movie playback to check something on actors and about the storyline...
To make this perfect, I'd just pause the movie when INFO button is pressed and resume when info screen is closed... Pause the movie is simple:
<onclick condition="!Player.Paused">Pause</onclick>
Resume after closing the info screen is something I haven't figured out...

Again, thanks for this great skin! I can't imagine my Kodi without ZeitGeist...
Thanks for the feedback. Great idea. I'll see if i'll make an optional setting for pause+resume when hitting the INFO button. Resume is not that hard to implement.
Here you go. Let me know if it works for you without any issues:

3.0.71 (2016-11-23)
- New optional skin setting: Automatically pause/resume playback when using INFO button in VideoOSD
- Other minor improvements, including:
- - Added variable "GlobalFanartVar" for a dark LibreELEC settings background
- - [DialogMediaSource.xml] Focus fix (Sync from Confluence and Estuary)
- - [Home.xml] Weather addon and widget minor conditional improvements
WOW! That was fast!
It works flawless! I really have nothing to add, this skin is perfect for me and fits all my current needs!

Thank you for the great work!
We install the repository.axbmcuser.zip from 11/28/16 for "The ZEITGEIST CONFLUENCE" skin in Kodi v16.1. We played the Ben-Hur movie from our library and the sound was distorted with the DRC settings on and off. We changed to xonfluence skin and the sound cleared up and was good. This was on a new Lenovo laptop.I would like to use this for our customers when installing new systems but I am concerned they may run into the same issue.

The Zeitgeist skn is also freezing on exit and tried to enter the taskkill command but it did not work.

We really like the clean lines modern look of this skin and the compress main menu using icons and the black skin.

Thank youBig GrinHuhConfusedSadWink
Hi! As can be read in your other posts, your issues are issues with KODI and the KODI install itself, but not issues caused by this skin or xonfluence. There is nothing a skin developer can do for you.
Try to seek for solutions for the problems in the general KODI subforums. Good luck! Smile
3.0.72 (2016-12-21)
- Fix Extended Info call on Video Info Dialog due to recent plugin changes
- Other minor improvements
"axbmcuser repo" now supports KODI 18 (Leia):

Download, same link as before: