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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17.x Krypton 18.x Leia (mid-future: 19.x/20.x) ]
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Great. Thanks for the feedback.
KODI 17 (Krypton)

3.0.82 (2017-07-11)
- Other minor improvements

3.0.81 (2017-07-11)
- Other minor improvements:
- - DialogVideoInfo: Show much nicer online movie ratings with icons (RottenTomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb) (Again: Does _only_ work with latest beta "skin.helper.service" from "marcelveldt" beta repo)
- - Minor improvements for new version 0.3.4 of "script.duration_axbmcuser"

Please also update the tiny "script.duration_axbmcuser" to latest v0.3.4
(_IF_ you are using it , which i recommend)
(2017-06-23, 13:58)Patrickos Wrote: [ -> ]I really love this skin, but I would like to change font sizes.
It's to small for me. Sad

@axbmcuser Do you have a solution for this problem? Huh
I'm afraid there is no such optional planned. ...and even Original Confluence does only have very bad LargeFontMode which looks awful.

All graphics and font objects are balanced out to fit very nicely size wise and while standard display sizes for media setups are now hitting 55-60" i don't think it would be very useful to invest so much time a feature which would not even look good and balanced out. :-(

If you really feel the need:
You _could_ edit your Font.xml file, but i don't find that very practical and the result may look weird. (skin.aczg\720p\Font.xml)

You may bump up every font size in the <size></size> code-lines in this file by 1-3.

If you do something like this be sure to backup your custom Font.xml since it will be overwritten by every new skin update.
Again: Be aware that there will be most likely be visual issues if you just do it that way!
Is it possible to change icons to text instead on the home menu?
There are currently no plans to change the main menu which is showing the text on focus.
Great skin I love it.
Thanks for the feedback. new update coming soon with some more optimizations.
Are there some settings for the simple iptv addon so I can see the played channel in a preview window when changing channels? Right now tje preview window is black and the played channel is in the background.

3.0.84 (2017-08-12) (KODI 17 Krypton)
- Other minor fixes+tweaks+improvements, including:
- - DialogVideoInfo: Added awards as last item (works with latest "skin.helper.service" beta)
- - Home: Addon shortcuts small texture + visual change
- - Search dialog: Visual changes + added addon search
I really love this skin but i'm trying to put an intro video in this skin but is this possible?

Thanks in advance.
I considered autocompletion support multiple times. I'l look into implementing it as soon as there is time for it. Maybe for the KODI 18 version of the skin, maybe sooner. :-)

Intro videos are not planned for multiple technical and conceptual reasons.
Keyboard auto-Completion support in progress! :-)
(2017-11-06, 05:08)axbmcuser Wrote: [ -> ]Keyboard auto-Completion support in progress! :-)
 Great, can't wait to try it.
Could you also add arial font support to use arabic language
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