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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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(2018-12-03, 11:56)[email protected] Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the reply, waiting patiently for the latest release...

Here you go.

4.2.0 (2018-12-03)
- New KODI 18 RC2 (Leia) IMCOMPLETE(!) Beta Test release

- Added "custom_PVRChannelNumberInput.xml" for KODI 18
- Added "DefaultAddonVfs.png", "DefaultAddonImageDecoder.png" for KODI 18
Thank you, thank you, that is fantastic..
I am a fairly new user to this great skin and have a question.Is it possible to have either a low menu bar or alternatively a smaller one?

Thanks for the feedback!
No. The central main icon based menu bar is somehow a key characteristic of this skin. For now, there isn't a alternative main menu of any sort.
Ok thanks.
- KODI 17 skin update
- KODI 18 skin beta
- ListItem Helper update
are now online.

ListItem Helper requires API keys for OMDb & TMDb (fetching rt/mc/imdb live ratings, budgets and awards info for movies) - see skin settings for a shortcut to enter the API keys.

Metadata and Artwork module (script.module.metadatautils) is no longer required for ListItem Helper and can be removed if you don't need it anymore.

Have fun!
For me on kodi 17.6 the "automatically pause/resume playback when using INFO button in videoOSD" doesn't work.
Am I doing something wrong?
If setting is enabled, it is working for me like it always did.
Which exact skin version do you have installed?

Which INFO button do you use? The function is only meant for the one and only INFO button when fullscreen viewing a movie and pushing the INFO button in the videoOSD.
I am using the 3.2.1 skin version and the "i" button of the keyboard to view the info.
Version is correct, but you seem to have misunderstood the function.
There is no "i"-shortcut for this function.
The function is meant for the squared "INFO" button in Fullscreen "VideoOSD".
Ah... ok.
Thanks for the clarification.
No problem. :-D
Just idly wondering about something, unsure if it's skin-related but it seems likely. In short, cursor wrapping.

If I have a list displayed in wall view, and I move the cursor to the far right, then another right arrow will cause the cursor to wrap around to the left.

However, if I'm at the left side, then another left arrow brings up the sidebar, and additional left arrow press has no effect.

Would it be possible to modify this behaviour so that an additional left arrow press could close the sidebar and wrap the cursor to the right side of the screen?

It's just a minor irritation in an otherwise brilliant skin.

Cheers in advance.
Thanks for the feedback.
The behaviour is by intent.

The change is a good idea in general, but for me it's kind of a mixed bag since i know that some people including myself tend to navigate very fast, meaning:
- Cursor somewhere in the middle of a wall view
- Wanting to open the sidebar, doing so:
- Pressing LEFT many times very fast
- Results in opening the sidebar and instantly closing it again

I'll make some tests and reevaluate after checking how it feels i everyday use. Thanks!
Tried to  install this skiin on the  recent final kodi release of Leia  18.0 but received the prompt that the skin was incompatible  with this version of kodi. Is there a fix  for this? Will there  be a "compatible version? I really like his skin.