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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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(2021-02-23, 07:52)Kallita Wrote: [ -> ]
(2021-02-21, 14:41)klauzer Wrote: [ -> ]
(2021-02-19, 19:32)Kallita Wrote: [ -> ]At the bottom on the left hand side of any of the posts by AXBMCUSER <the creator> is a link to install the repository and then install the skin from that repository.
As for the "download" part - Technically all addons must be downloaded whether from inside of kodi or not.
To access the repository that contains the skin you have to tell kodi where it is so you must "download " the repository link before you can install the skin from inside kodi.
hope that answers your question.

Thanks. I downloaded zip and put it in a folder on kodi. Then I tried install from zip but nothing happens, like if the zip was empty. But its not.
I have installed from repos many times so I know who to do it. But this does not work.
ok, not to dispute that nothing is happening for you, but i just tried it again and it worked fine for me.
just trying to figure it out, when you try to install the repository.zip the box doesn't show up indicating that the repository was added?
Do you get the warning that it is dangerous to install third party zips?
Check the name and file size compared to what i have to make sure it is not corrupted.
Name repository.axbmcuser.zip size 18.8kb 19353bytes
 Simple suggestions would be to make sure that install third party zips is allowed, and maybe move the file to another location and try from there. check permissions on the file, and then retry downloading if you haven't already.
not sure what else can be done.

Thanks. I changed to another folder and it worked.
(2021-02-23, 19:37)klauzer Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. I changed to another folder and it worked.

Glad you got it working.
Does it work with matrix 19 version?
(2021-03-14, 23:32)donnje Wrote: [ -> ]Does it work with matrix 19 version?

Works fine for me.
Hey mate, love the skin, but is there a way you can select "list view" as a default so it is that way for everything?

Ever since the latest update everything has gone to "big list view" and I have to manually select each page individually to "list view".

Thanks for your time.
@axbmcuser, would you be OK with me adapting your code to show the video info dialog from a button in the OSD? I noticed you are not including (yet) this functionality in the Matrix version of your skin, is that because library.data.provider.lite does not work in Matrix?

Thank you for considering my request.


Just a Query. I am using Kodi ver 19 Matrix and I just loaded Confluence Zeitgeist from the first post on this forum  and I notice it is version 1.1.8.
I see that there are versions 4.x.x.I have set it to auto update but it's still ver 1.1.8.
What am I doing wrong about updating this skin
(2021-03-29, 19:17)bsoriano Wrote: [ -> ]@axbmcuser, would you be OK with me adapting your code to show the video info dialog from a button in the OSD?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Life....

Sure, thanks for asking. Feel free to adapt the mentioned code for your own skin work. The solution works very well.
(2021-03-29, 19:17)bsoriano Wrote: [ -> ]I noticed you are not including (yet) this functionality in the Matrix version of your skin, is that because library.data.provider.lite does not work in Matrix?
Yes, that's correct. The Matrix version was/is just a quick alpha release which hasn't been worked on yet any further. I wanted to wait until the regular "library.data.provider" is updated for the new python version and then work on my "library.data.provider.lite" version based on that.
I think "library.data.provider" will be ready by now.
Only problem is that i don't use Kodi Matrix on any system yet and therefore have only worked on my main version for Krypton (and Leia).
Work will resume sometime! :-)
New Skin Update incoming for Kodi 17 (version for Kodi 18 coming later and 19 coming later+ if time allows):

In progress changelog:

3.4.8 (2022-04-01)

- [New Feature] Movie/episodes Library feature: "My List" - a N3tflix style Watchlist
(uses ListItem.UserRating==1)
You can add every movie, TV Show or TV Shows episode to your "My List" via Video Info Dialog (new button+icon);
List can be accessed through the sub menu item "My List"
Feature is disabled by default: Can be enabled in Skin Settings -> General -> Video Info Dialog

- [New Features] Added a new small+lightweight addon called "Cinema Helper Service" which is used by the skin:
1) VideoOSD/MusicOSD auto close after X seconds Idle
2) Show "Video Info Dialog" or "Cinema screen" after playback of a movie from Kodi DB is finished
- "Cinema Screen" is a slightly animated "red curtain" Cinema Wallpaper which can be shown after the movie presentation is complete
- Additionaly you can choose to add a fully custom single or multiline Text to this end screen like "THANKS FOR WATCHING"
- "Cinema Screen" can be tested with or without the optional text from within Skin Settings (See Skin Setting -> Experimental)
- Alternatively to the "Cinema Screen" you can choose to just Display the Video Info Dialog of the movie that has just completed
Both variants avoid abruptly returning to the regular and maybe bright Kodi UI after movie presentation and therefore represent a much better all-around-cinema-mood experience

3) "My List" functionality (see above)

- [New Feature] Show Info UI when Playback is paused in Fullscreen (Enabled by default)

- [SeekBar] Completely reworked Seekbar and Seekbar handling:
Removed the redundant solution of the top right Seekbar and created a unified approach where the fullscreen progress bar is identical to the new seekbar functionality
Simplified Seekbar for non fullscreen situations (now only shows PlayState indicator at the top center of the screen)

- [DialogSeekBar] now has a short fade in/out + optimized delayed fade out due to removed usage of Player.DisplayAfterSeek

- [New view type] Added view type "Modern" which is a Episode-ish style viewtype
This view is now the default view for episodes (both regular+recently added), but also looks great as the standard view for non-DB video file listings

- [New Feature] TV Show Episode thumbnail spoiler protection:
If enabled, the episode thumbnail will be replaced by the TV Show Fanart
This applies to both the Home Screen Widget and the new "Modern" Episodes view

- [New view type] Added new additional "Wall View": 4x12 (existing variants are: 2x7, 3x9)

Improvements for Wall Views, including:
- Focus item border now has a short fade in animation
- Refined scrolling animations
- Renamed "Wall View XxX" to "Wall XxX" for more simplicity

- Improved episodes format; Example of new format: S3 E12
- Reworked recently added Episodes Widget, added Season Poster
- [New/repurposed view type] Added unified Seasons "Text" view to already existing "Text" View and reworked this view according to the new situational requirements

- [Skin Settings] Reworked/optimized settings structure/gouping for better usability, also improved some wording/typo

- Improvements for many LiveTV Dialogs including PVR group/channel manager and similar views

- [Improved View] Reworked LiveTV/PVR Info Dialog (look now in sync with Video Info Dialog)

- VideoOSD/MusicOSD: Reworked views and submenus

- Improved Home Screen Widget "Recently added Albums" (Labels + Cover Art size)

Other improvements

- [VideoOSD/VideoFullScreen] UI improvements for both regular playback and LiveTV
- [VideoOSD/VideoFullScreen] Added simple %-buffering indicator
- [DialogVideoInfo] Hide "Extended Info" button for: TV Shows/Seasons/Episodes
- Updated/new icon for Watched Indicator checkmark
- Removed bottom right item count in some areas for more simplicity
- Fixed multiline LiveTV Episode title issue
- Improved some usability cases on dialogs like "DialogAddonSettings"
- [DialogNumeric] now has a less dark background when being used while typing a channel no. during LiveTV
- Some already disabled buttons are now hidden when "DialogVideoInfo" is used with the YouTube-Addon
- Weather Widget on "Home" now has a fade in/out on data changes
- Improved "MusicOSD/MusicVisualisation" UI to be on par with "VideoOSD/VideoFullScreen"
- Dim "CommonWindowHeader" in some special cases
- Reworked almost all scrollbars including fixes for Weather scrollbars
- Added some missing audio-flag icons for OPUS and framed FLAC
- Added additional default color typoe: red, green, invisible
- Updated search dialog YouTube Logo icon to the latest logo (also added a uhd variant of the logo which is used automatically when 3k+ is detected)
- Improved UHD detection for UHD image variants
- Reworked default icons for: Warning, Info and Error
- Reworked many views and font types
- Changed style of some horizontal lines
- Reworked/improved Settings views + default button types
- Improved many navigation paths jump points for more intuitive navigation within many views and button selections
- Removed AudioDSP skin files (deprecated)
- Reworked Video Info Dialog including the addition of new icons for the most important buttons: Play, Browse, My List, Watched
- Reworked FullScreen Text Viewer which is used for maximized Plot View and similar cases, improved navigation on Open/Close
- Reworked Mouse Close Button Icon (These buttons are disabled by default, even if mouse support is enabled)
- [VideoOSD] Changed/reworked new icon for "INFO" button
- Reworked Wall view for Music and Home Screen Music Widget
- [DialogNotification] Extended width of Dialog

Any chance of "List Views" and "Media List Views" returning to select everywhere by default? Also, EPG's stopped working over a year ago when you made "Big List View" default everywhere.

- What Kodi version are you using?
- Can you upload a screenshot of the broken EPG?
I heavily tested LiveTV the last months and EPG has been there as always on all test systems. Still happy to look into it when i have a screenshot and maybe more info.

I might have some more questions after that. Sleep now.  Music
Using v18.9 as that’s the last version of this skin that works with a "universal list view", anything above and you have to individually change every page to "list view" from "big list view" which can be thousands of pages.

As for EPG, they simply don’t appear anymore in your skin with addons like Foxtel Go, used to see upcoming shows in "list detail view" but not anymore, bought it up years ago here but… 🤷🏻‍♂️

The addons EPG works in other skins including default, so not sure why not in yours anymore, but as I said, I bought it up years ago when it stopped, was after an update you released…

Good night Sir!

regarding wide view / old list view:
you can switch from the "wide list" (51) back to the old "list" (50) as the previous default by making a simple edit to "MyVideoNav.xml"
change 50 to 51
51 to 50

Regarding "EPG":

So we are not talking about EPG, i assume?
EPG = LiveTV with PVR Addons (EPG Guide, for example)

You are talking exclusively about Video Streaming Addons?

- Is Foxtel Go in the official Kodi repo?
- Please list some more addons which are affected in a identical way (official Kodi repo addons)
- I need some screenshots of "Original Confluence" showing the correct View which you describe as "EPG" (using some of the mentioned addons)
- Are you sure you have _disabled_ Skin Settings -> General -> Views and visual options -> "Hide some view types for simplicity" ?

Happy to look into it further with the screens/information. Good night again!
Is it possible to have the default wall view of confluence?
2 x 5 with spaces between the covers

(because the covers are bigger and look better)

Thanks for all the work you do

Hi, talking about movies (posters) and music (album cover):
The 2x7 Wall View of Confluence Zeitgeist has in fact larger poster+album artwork than Original Confluence 2x5 Wall View.

Maybe you were mislead because you personally like a Wall View with fewer items (2x5=10) and more space between the artwork(?) As said, the artwork itself is in fact smaller in the old 2x5 view.

I made the unified Wall Views like they are on purpose because they fit the visual and usability intentions of this skin.
2x7 is the "direct" replacement for the old 2x5 (visually + technically speaking).

TBH it's unlikely at this point that i can add _another_ 2x5 Wall View option and because of all the extra time needed + unnecessary maintenance work it would bring for the future.

If it would be a quick 1-line code change, i'd have been willing to add an experimental option only for you to replace 2x7 with old school 2x5, but unfortunately that's not feasible in regards to the existing code.

Another idea/possible solution - maybe that's something for you - if you feel that a 2x7 Wall is a bit too "crowded" for your liking - and you like a more "spacey" 2x5=10 items view more:

In the main skin version (KODI 17) there is a new modern Artwork View with only+exactly 10 movie posters visible at once.
(! The View will be ported to the KODI 18+ skin versions at a later time):