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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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I have been using your Kodi skin for years it's my favorite because it's fast and looks great...recent update disabled subtitle button and bookmark button during playback...I was wondering if there is a way to enable them again...I'm using 19.3 ...Thank you!
Hi, glad to hear Smile

if you are willing to help, we can surely fix if there is something wrong for the Kodi 19 alpha skin version.
There will be new KODI 19 skin releases in the near-mid future. I reworked some of the needed skin-addons for Kodi 19+ (python 3) in the past days, so there is progress for Kodi 19, although i don't use Kodi 19 at all on any of my systems.

- Which exact skin version were you using before and now?
- What media type exactly were you playing?
- Which system are you using? Windows?
- Please provide multiple meaningful screenshots which show exactly what you described
- Please upgrade your Kodi 19.3 to 19.4 (it's 9 months old) if there are not any massive reasons against it for you before we start debugging/fixing.

Cool Thank you! I updated to version 19.4...I think I'm using version 5.4.5 and I using Nvidia shield tv pro 2019 with Android 11...Here below is there screenshot of my issue that is subtitle button and bookmark button disabled...I was tried strraming a movie and wrestling both have the same issue...Thank you!

Ah. I see. Thanks. Will be fixed with next update.
I disabled the buttons for all streaming media because i thought they were not useful there. But i guess that's not true for all streaming media since some have chapters or subtitles.
New versions online for ALL Kodi versions (17.x Krypton | 18.x Leia | 19.x Matrix)

The lightweight helper addons have also been updated. Feedback welcome.

I requested this some time ago, but:
- Could some of you please upload some screenshots of how the skin looks when you are using it on your system with your library of movies/tvshows in your language?
I'm very interested regarding everyday usage screenshots! The more, the better.
Thank you!
Some final release-fixes for all 3 version are coming today. Music

Edit: Updates online
All three skin versions (KODI 17 / 18 / 19) now have full feature support including external ratings (rotten tomatoes, metacritic, ...) and mood backgrounds. :-)

The "service.listitem.helper" addon now has support for Python 3 (KODI 19+). Blush



On another topic/note; External ratings (Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb, ...)

A Confluence ZEITGEIST + service.listitem.helper now have new functionality for a typical issue:

When using movie scrapers like "The Movie Database" or "The Movie Database (Python)", ListItem.IMDBNumber wrongly is set with the TheMovieDB-ID instead of the correct IMDb-ID for which the property is intended.

This leads to ListItem missing easy+direct access to the real IMDb-ID which prevents using the needed IMDb-ID for OMDB queries regarding external ratings.
I know KODI 19 now has ListItem.UniqueID(imdb) which could be used for workarounds on that version, but for the previous KODI 17/18 this is not available and therefore not a global solution.


Lightweight addon "service.listitem.helper" now validates if ListItem.IMDBNumber is a real IMDb-id. If not the case, it queries and also validates the KODI Database via JSON for a real IMDb-ID trying uniqueid['imdb'] and uniqueid['unknown'] for validation and correct format.


External ratings (Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, ...) now even work with wrongly scraped ListItem.IMDBNumber movie entries if the KODI database has the real IMDb-ID anywhere else.

As in the past, of course, all you need is your TMDB/TMDB API keys which have to be entered in the "service.listitem.helper" addon settings.
(See: "Skin Settings" for info)

first of all thank you for your hard work, i love your skin and i can't imagine using KODI without it. I am on version 18.9 because i have problems with IPTV on newer versions of KODI, and recently the skin updated few times due to your work on it. I love the new  and fixed features, but i don't know if it just me, but i can't enable or disable subtitles once I start watching something. The toggle was there on the older version above next subtitle. Can you please bring the toggle back?
Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I think i know what two items of the VideoOSD subtitles submenu you are referring to.
This let's call it "mini submenu" above the subtitles button had two entries like "Next Subtitle" and "Subtitles ON/OFF".
Both buttons were redundant since KODI 18 has a dedicated Subtitles Dialog.

At the moment this submenu has only two possible buttons: "Download" and "Subtitle Offset" (shows if sub enabled).

To be exact "Download" and "Subtile offset" are also redundant and possibly unneeded on KODI 18+19 since it's all in the new KODI internal Subtile Dialog. I consider removing the "mini-submenu" completly since everything is redundant with the new dialog. I'll give it some thoughts again though...

Just click on the subtitle "button" and it opens the "new" KODI 18+ built in dialog:

See 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg (Just made these screenshots on KODI 18.9 & LiveTV)
Quote:i can't enable or disable subtitles once I start watching something
Did you overlook said dialog or is there another issue? Let me know. Screenshots welcome. Thanks

Thanks for the reply and for your time and help. Please check the screenshot. Thank you. I'm not sure about the new dialogue you are talking about, all I know is that there are features missing :/


What do you mean "not sure" about the new dialog? I posted 3 screenshots which show you how to open the needed dialog. What happens exactly when you do what is seen in my 3 screenshots? :-)
@axbmcuser i owe you a beer or something. I didn't realize that you want me to press on the subtitles button, all I did before was just hover on it. Well there also comes a language barrier I guess Tongue (excuses) Smile. Sorry again for the trouble, thanks for keeping KODI great for us who love your work.
Oh good. Hahaha. No worries. Happy that it worked out now. Tongue

Feel free to push the "thumbs up" icon on helpful posts as a thank you. Smile
@axbmcuser Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your continued efforts and work on the Confluence skin! I've been using Kodi since ver.16 Jarvis and to me, Confluence has always been how Kodi is supposed to look and feel. Anything else is just alien to me! TRULY appreciate the fact that this skin exists. 😊

Like the previous user, I too realized that the skin got an update recently when I noticed the "mini submenu" of the Subtitle button was no longer working (I'm on Kodi 18 btw). I understand what you mean by it being redundant, but I've always prefered to use that instead of going in to the main Subtitle dialog. From a user perspective, it's more intuitive and a convenient shortcut to view/manage the current Subtitle while still watching what's playing. It was certainly a cool design feature and I'm sure many of us would be happy to have it there again. 

Also, a big THANK YOU for bringing back the Buffering Percentage % display. I was actually the one who reported it missing from Kodi 18 way back in 2020 on this forum (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2986899). You said you'd work on it and wow, you really did! 🙏

Still just a day in with this new version, but I'm loving the subtle changes I'm noticing already. Apart from the buffering percentage, there's also now an icon to indicate when a video is paused. Also, I noticed that when we are seeking the "go to" time on the seekbar changes to red to indicate that we are jumping to that from the current position. Very well done! I'm sure there's a lot more that I'm yet to discover and stuff that goes on behind the hood too.

Oh, one difference I noticed too is that the "video info and seekbar" and the "player control buttons" are no longer displayed in sync. They don't time out and disappear at the same time. Not sure if that was an intentional choice.

Again, double thumbs up and fist bumps to u, sir!