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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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If you're up2date, you would agree the weather option is not badly named anymore? ...since it's now _not_ replacing the LOGO anymore like in stock Confluence?

I will take a look regarding the ability of adding other things than addons - at this time i have no infromation if it's a big deal to implement.
Not convinced about the naming but it's your call ofc. Looking at that weather screen again, it's also missing a close button. If you don't care that much about mouse, you can disable it in settings, system, input, "mouse support".

And is it possible to shrink the gray bar at the bottom?
1> Your winning real-estate for fanart.
2> It's nice to allign list views with that bar; now they are overlapping (just enter i.e. weather and see the overlap).
Yes, i have mouse support disabled most of the time. I only activate it to see if things are working okay. Thanks for the hint anyway. Smile

Regarding playlists as home screen addons - maybe Superfavorites helps? (Did not test myself)

Quote: And is it possible to shrink the gray bar at the bottom?
I tried it some months ago with same thought in mind, but i did not like how it looked. I think the overlapping it by intention, because the contentPanel kinda "stand" on the bottom floor - therefore also the minimal mirroring effect below the contentPanels. Maybe i will do some visual tests again.
Superfavorites is a way to intrusive to use for me. Playlists as sub-menu are supported in other skins. Not sure about as shortcuts.

Here is what I meant before with overlapping widgets while pausing music in background mode: screenshot. It get's worse when you enter settings or enter library views. Shrinking "pause" a few pixels would help. Same is for video.

And did you see Xonfluence picture section? Many improvements overthere: PictureOSD, playlists info while pausing, nice views.

btw: Nice solution showing text on home.xml icons!
(in between)

2.7.82 (2015-12-29)
- Increased maximum no. of home screen addons (from 5 to 7)
- Added movie release-year in VideoOSD > BEFORE: StudioName NOW: StudioName (YYYY)
2.7.83 (2016-01-01)
- Reworked "DialogVideoInfo.xml" (Video Information Dialog) !
- Moved movie release-year on homescreen withing the "now playing" info. BEFORE: MovieName (YYYY) NOW: StudioName (YYYY)
- Reworked textures: icon-rss.png, DefaultAddonNone.png
- Removed option for windowed trailer in "Video Information Dialog"

Happy new year.
2.7.88 (2016-01-02)
- Minor improvements and optimizations

2.7.87 (2016-01-02)
- Added visual stars-rating (0-5 stars) in "Video Information Dialog"

2.7.86 (2016-01-01)
- Minor improvements and optimizations

2.7.85 (2016-01-01)
- New Option under SKIN SETTINGS -> BACKGROUND OPTIONS -> "Use Original Confluence Default Background "Blue Bubbles" instead of Black"
(Disabled by default)
If you really like the Original Confluence Default Background "Blue Bubbles" better than plain black, you may enable this option.

2.7.84 (2016-01-01)
- Reworked US MPAA Icons (now colored)
- Added MPAA FSK-certification support for Germany in "Video Information Dialog" (including textures)
- "Video Information Dialog": Header label is now scrolling if title name is too long
A Confluence ZEITGEIST [14.x Helix & 15.x Isengard] but I don't see the skin when I want to install it on Helix 14.X
[accidental double post]
If you install the repo-file on a clean Helix system, you should see the old Helix version of the skin within the repo. (as described in the first post) Tested it on Helix without problems until i upgraded to Isengard some time ago.

Side note: The Helix version of the skin is very old and not updated since many versions. It's also not supported anymore. I strongly recommend upgrading to Isengard! Jarvis is already knocking on the door. Smile
Jarvis version incoming very soon.

After almost switching to Jarvis on my main system, i stopped because of http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=256744
Besides that, navigation just feels very slightly less responsive/delayed imho compared to my Isengard install. Too bad, since i really love the new library image-scaling-algorithm/quality improvements in Jarvis. (For me the main reason wanting to upgrade)

Skin Jarvis version looks finished though, except for one minor cosmetic thing: The header label width for dialogs isn't corrected yet like in the old Isengard version.

I don't plan to finish this cosmetic bit because is stopped my planned switch to Jarvis for the moment, but i'm happy to release it anyway. Everything else should be fine and usable. I took the latest Jarvis Confluence base 2.8.6 and applied all changes again, to avoid having any leftofters from Isengard.
Jarvis version released:

Please let me know if automatic Isengard->Jarvis repo upgrading works for you. It should offer you update 2.8.61 on Jarvis if you upgraded from Isengard to Jarvis. Latest Isengard version is 2.7.88.

2.8.61 (2016-01-17)
- First release for KODI 16 / Jarvis
- New version based on clean KODI 16 / Jarvis Confluence 2.8.6 (GIT 2015-01-15 - no Isengard leftovers)
Hi, loving your version of Confluence! Its overly gorgeous, I just have one question. I have zero knowledge in making this kind of stuff so you will have to excuse me if this is not possible or a big hassle making. Would it be possible to add an option for the size of the movie poster/cover in info view of a movie? I am talking about the screen where you can read the plot and see cast/trailers etc, the left image/poster/cover is covering the entire left section, would be possible to have it the same size (as an option) as in the original confluence?
I'm curious. Why would you want the poster smaller? Are your poster images low quality?
(2016-01-19, 02:17)axbmcuser Wrote: [ -> ]I'm curious. Why would you want the poster smaller? Are your poster images low quality?

Its the default posters fetched by Kodi from themoviedb. I wouldnt say they are terribad but yeah they do look kind of low res when displayed in fullscreen. But that wasnt why I asked, I just thought it could look good with a smaller poster not covering the entire left section. I was thinking maybe if it was possible to have the poster smaller, maybe half or a third in size? If you dont want to add that as an option thats totally fine, it was just an inquiry Smile

Edit. Is there a way I can do this myself? If you dont want to. I located a file named "DialogVideoInfo.xml" that seems to contain the needed settings. I am looking at the "Main poster" section. I have zero knowledge about this stuff, but maybe you could give me a hint what needs to be changed?