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Full Version: IPTV Simple Client for x86 QNAP Kodi 14.2
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Hi guys,
I have a HS-251 QNAP and now QNAP officially says that it support Kodi releases. Despite this the version (14.2) that can be installed by their qpkg app system is missing the IPTV Simple Client addon.

For the old Kodi 4.0 (running on the QNAP chroot called HD Station 2.0) I have been able to find a working zip (containing Kodi_IPTV_Simple.pvr) that could be installed as an addon.

No luck with the latest release of Kodi 14.2 running on HD Station 3.0.

Can anybody help me in finding IPTV Simple Client as a zip addon or give me some hint on how to build it for my system?
Many many thanks! Nod
hi, look for the qnap forum, register, look for the "community apps" section, there youll find the qpg to install kodi 15.2 which i personally installed and i do use the iptv simple client too.
Grazie Luca,
in fact is what I have done so far.
The Unofficial Kodi package is great.
Anyway I wrote to the QNAP customer care asking them to add the IPTV modules. It could be great that the official releases have it integrated, just in case the indie releases will not be maintained in the future.

I also tried to create an installable zip from the compiled IPTV used in the 15.2 and it install without error but then crash.
I just wonder how could be possible to build source code for QNAP, but unfortunately my Linux knowledge don't go so far. Tongue