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Full Version: [RELEASE] Tetris (Game) Script
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Hi all,

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am happy to release 3 new items:
  • A python script
  • A game
  • and an internet communication device

Think about how awesome that would be... a python script, a game, and an internet communication device.
Well I'm here to tell you those are not 3 seperate downloads!

Presenting Tetris v1.0


The latest version of Tetris can be found on the project page and at
http://www.xbmcscripts.com back up!

This script has been long in the making and I was hoping for it to be the first game script made for XBMC but Rockstarr and Donno beat me by quite a bit (Snake and Space Invaders). Never the less I am happy to release it to everyone! This script uses Rockstarr's high score database so you can see your scores at http://xbmcgames.dirtyduckdesigns.de/index.php

  • Online and Local Highscores - submit your best scores to the online database run by Rockstarr
  • Ghost Piece - turn on this advanced option from the pause menu to see where a piece will fall
  • Saved settings - you will only need to enter your name once but can change it later
  • Windowed mode so you can watch other things in the background!
  • Custom sounds and graphics !

Future Plans:
Theme support
Control remapping
Update Function
Widescreen Fix
Default Music ?
Sound On/Off...
Fullscreen mode? Not sure how to best use the extra space... I tend to not maximize stuff when using a computer.

Remade as a widget for the widget manager (might strip ALOT of functionality out)... make it super small on the screen

You can leave feedback here or in the more technical dev thread


cheers on the release. Don't forget to TAG a 1.0 release on google SVN Wink
If all else fails, I decided to put up a DIRECT download here also: @ xbmc-scripting

Asteron, I fixed the tag, you forgot to put it in a 1.0 folder Wink
along those lines, if you take a look at the update.py with apple movie trailers, you should be able to use that to offer an update function for your script.

as long as you tag it the way pike did, in it's own version number.
WOW!! this just rocks!!
I do have a small problem, I am betting it's my fonts but I thought I would mention anyway.
As you can see here the score is pretty much unreadable.
Hi Noodlez,
Im glad you like it... I guess alot of 720p people use larger than default fonts? What a world we live in when font14 does not mean a 14 pixel font! With the default fonts it looks alright in 720p but I think I will just have to do a better than half-assed widescreen port. Sad

I'll probably have to just manually do all the scale adjustments...

EDIT: I see someone found out you can submit a score more than once! I dont know why I didnt think of this case... I will include this fix in the next release but please do not resubmit a score after you see "Submit successful".
I love Tetris. My girlfriend and I can play with our feet. Anyway, your tetris script is sweet, but I think there are a few things you might consider. first you should add a command to make the block fall faster instead of just warping to the bottom, that would make the game a lot smoother. second you should look up on linear congruential pseudorandom number generators to try and get an even random flow of blocks. newer versions of the official game dont randomly generate pieces one at a time, they generate them in "batches" that have an equal number of each piece.
Third you should position the app a little higher and to the left side of the screen, that way you could still watch videos and the rss feeds on the home screen.
Lastly you should make it so that when you pause the game it minimizes to a button and you can go through the xbmc menues to change songs and stuff.
I just wanted to give some inpute to mabe improve your script.

P.S. Give Alexey Pajitnov some credit too
B1llyGo4t, I agree with you about the pseudorandom, that would be a great addition.

As for the position of the game, you should check the current svn version as its now a full screen game.

If you want to change music while playing you can always use the mc360 skin and set pause to Y so that you can use Start to access the now playing and change song. However I think the work done on WindowXML might provide a full solution to this eventually, we will have to be patient.

What the progress with the online leader board? I ask because Dave has already beaten 7000!

Cant wait for the next update!
Hi all great you like it so far.
I think I got more flack for the non-fullscreeness than praise so am switching over to a full screen mode. The current SVN is only half skinned and is using a kind of experimental layout, expect stability in the tagged versions.

The old leader board server went down and rockstar got me a new module for his new server so I can put that in soon.

I am aware of the standard random generator in many tetris implementations but think that makes things too easy. True random has no guarantees and (while not good for tornaments) makes things more exciting.

You should be able to access the audio mini-osd from the pause screen since I will now disable global events in the main game (this will keep the volume bar/seek bar from popping up when you use thumbsticks).

I really appreciate this feedback as it encourages me to keep at it Smile The next version deserves a full 2.0 version I think.