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Full Version: PLEASE HELP: Synchronization and Zoom In Problem
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Hi all,

I bought a MXQ Android TV box from amazon. The Kodi 15.1 was already installed on it. Then I configured some m3u8 channel list in the IPTV Simple Client. The channels were loaded but the Picture was zoomed in. I treid to change all settings but tehre was no success. Then I deleted KODI, downloaded and installed 14.2 from USB. Everything was perfect. Allthought i disable the auto update in Google Play Store for all APPs , Two days later the Kodi was again updated to 15.1. Then I tried to fix the Zoom In Problem in 15.1 and I disabled the Video-->ACCELERATION. The Zoom In Problem is fixed now but Now the Picture and Ton arent synchronized (especially in HD Channels)

First Question Why the Auto update was not disabled and Kodi was updated? Can it be because of installing from usb and not installing from google play store. (It is not possible to install an old version of Kodi from Kodi so i have to install it from USB)

Second Question, I want to use 15.1 of KODI if i solve the Synch Problem (with 14.2 I hadnt get this problem for the same play list or channels)

Is there any solutions for me.

please help it is very urgent.

You should probably post a debug log (wiki) using the latest nightly build.