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Full Version: kodibuntu/linux: PVR IPTV Simple Client 2, 3, or more
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this is a how to mod and add multiple IPTV Simple Clients in kodibuntu.
i am new to linux and this may work for other installs as well.
there my be a better way but i could not find one. maybe this will give someone who knows more than i do some inspration.

step 1 go to:
copy this folder to your desktop

step 1b go to:
copy the contents of this folder into the pvr.iptvsimple folder on your desktop.

step 2:
open the pvr.iptvsimple folder you copied to your desktop
open the add-on.xml file

change the top of the file to this
name="PVR IPTV Simple Client2"
save and close the file

step 3:
change the name of the pvr.iptvsimple folder on your desktop to pvr.iptvsimple2
move this folder into the kodi user folder

step 4:
start kodi
go to system/addons/My add-ons/PVR clients/PVR IPTV Simple Client
control click, configure and enable.

go to system/addons/My add-ons/PVR clients/PVR IPTV Simple Client2
control click, configure and enable.

go to system/live tv/enable

that should be it.
if you have problems let me know i will try my best to help.

good luck
Why not just combine your playlists?
i have two sources one being my OTA from the fantastic eyetv IPTV. the second from an IPTV list i am giving a go.
is there a better way to do this?

thank you
Like I said you can just combine the various playlists you have into one file.

i am not sure how to do that,
the eyetv iptv uses a local address for example: (

the list is a .m3u file with listings as follows:
#EXTINF:0,[COLOR blue]Weather Channel US[/COLOR]

do i just add the eyetv iptv address into the list file?

is it that easy?

thanks for the help with this.
Pretty much, yes.
Or no, I guess you have to download that .m3u8 file and add the individual items from it to your main playlist file.
thank you
i do not know if or how that can be done.
i will ask in the eyetv iptv thread.
for now this is working.

thanks again
I don't think this works anymore