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Full Version: Two Questions
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I've had Kodi installed on my Windows HTPC for a few months now and have just now put it onto my LG Android tablet. I have my media on a Synology NAS.
My questions are does Kodi for Android support viewing photos from a NAS? I don't seem to be able to configure it to see my photos which are easy to navigate to on my HTPC.
I've seen contradictory information on the web.

My second question is that loading movies on my Android device is almost instantaneous while there is always a delay on my HTPC. I was just surprised by this as I didn't really
expect to be able to stream movies (and over wi fi) so easily. I just wondered why it was quicker.

Thanks for any advice/information.
Nearly everything you can do for Kodi for Windows can be done with Kodi for Android, more or less. Both versions support the same filesharing protocols and such. Windows might be better at browsing other SMB/Windows sharing/Samba shares, since Kodi uses the native Windows SMB client. Sometimes you have to use the IP address of the NAS specifically instead of browsing for non-Windows platforms, because SMB clients on other platforms are actually reverse engineered.

Not sure on the other one. There's many factors that might be at play.
Thanks for your reply.
What you're saying is that I should be able to access the photos on my NAS from my Android tablet using Kodi but that I will have to work out how to configure access differently from the way I do on my HTPC perhaps using the IP Address.
I thought I would just add a note to say that I've now set up my NAS so that the folders I use for Kodi are NFS shares. I can now access my photos on my android tablet. It's also had the benefit of making things a lot smoother when I run my HTPC.