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Full Version: Developers: suggestion for addon versioning
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I suggest that starting from Jarvis we start using the following versioning scheme for addons:

  1. Update the major version only when the Kodi release the addon targets changes
  2. Bump the other numbers as you see fit

So for Jarvis, any addon that is currently on e.g. "0.8.0" would be bumped to either "1.0.0" or "1.8.0".

I have two reasons for wanting this scheme:

  1. It makes sure that when Kodi gets upgraded the version of the addon is guaranteed to be higher than the version for the previous Kodi release. This is generally the case, but if backports are added to the previous version the version number may otherwise catch up
  2. It makes it possible to tag every release on Github since there is a guarantee that no two commits have the same version number

Does this sound reasonable? I've done it so far with the pvr.vbox addon (version 1.x.x is for Isengard, master/Jarvis is 2.x.x).
This is how I've been numbering the Mimic skin addon as well...
Good to know, then I guess this can't be completely unreasonable.
This sounds good to me.