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Full Version: PVR osd - only info of currently selected channel visible
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I've been using Amber with great joy under Isengard, however, I noticed a bug (can't recall the buggy behaviour under gotham):
when watching live tv (in my case using iptvSimple pvr) and displaying the channel overview via the context menu, the epg info of only the currently active channel is displayed (all channel names are present, however the program's name is missing).

Current debug status :
- the epg info is available in kodi: the missing info (current program's name) is displayed correctly when opening the "full" epg instead
- problem doesn't occur with confluence (neither with mimic; other skins untested)
- used to be fine under gotham

is anyone able to replicate the behaviour? I appreciate any other advice...

well, this is somewhat embarrassing - the current skin is not fully supported in Isengard. However, the patched version by jester does the job!
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