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Full Version: Lost entries after upgrade
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I recently tried to upgrade from version 14.2 to 15.1. After I did install 15.1 my movie library was missing entries and changes I made over the last months. I'm basically back to the library I had in the beginning of 2015...
Because I was shocked a little, I downgraded back to 14.2 and voila: everything back in place...

Now I still want to upgrade but I'm wondering how this could have happened and I'd really like to not encounter such problem on my next attempt. Maybe someone might be able to help me out here? Big Grin

Any suggestion is much appreciated
Go into your userdata folder (wiki) and into the databases folder. Compare the files in there to the version numbers listed on version table (wiki). Delete anything higher than the DBs used for v14.

It sounds like you might have had used a v15 build once (maybe a nightly or a beta), but went back to v14. So when the final v15 build was used and it upgraded from the most recent DB, it wasn't the v14 DB that you were using.