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Full Version: Negative reputation
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I know it was only recently removed (a few years ago), but what are everyone's thoughts on bringing back a negative reputation button?

Threads involving piracy/bootleg addons are already binned asap, so that is besides the point. My rational is that posters who give possible bad advice (myself included), could be down voted. Especially when it comes to glossing over of a topic and not fully reading what the user is saying in their post, and then posting advice that doesn't even make sense to their situation.

I know it could cause some hurt feelings or whatever... but in general I think a little bit of community interaction isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After all, I know we all are on here because we want to help people, but that doesn't excuse some sometimes bad behavior or advice either.
Maybe it's the way you worded it that I'm getting hung up on, but I don't think this is a good idea. If we could individually up/down vote a post then I'm 110% for this!