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Full Version: Kodi shuts down after I enable a PVR add-on
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Please help! this is frustrating the heck out of me

First of all, this is not specific to tvheadend as the same symptoms happen when I use MythTV. Using KODIbunutu with v14 Helix.

I set up backend fine (backend for tvheadend was already installed. just configured), install the frontend using sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-hts

Then in Kodi, I go to System -> Settings -> LiveTV -> Enable
then enable the add-on for Tvheadend
The result is I get kicked to Lubuntu.

Am I doing something incredibly stupid?

Any help appreciated
Oh something I forgot to mention. After I get kicked to Lubuntu, if I start up Kodi again, I get a quick Kodi splash screen then back to the way it was
Enable the addon before you enable live TV, that usually works.