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Full Version: Simple change in confluence skin (Home/latestAlbum)
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id likte to make some adjustments to the skin for personal taste.

In first i like to change the "recently added albums" in the Homescreen over the "Music" label
to show recently played albums insted...

i´ve overlooked the home.xml and came by the time to the point to look in the "IncludeHomeRecentlyAdded,xml"

in line 667 it starts a list of statements like this

but the labels have no reference for something i want under
Window(Home).Property(key) >> LatestAlbum

so, is there more complex scripting-work to do instead of just changing some reference?
Or is it kinda possible to fill in the contents of a smart-playlist in there?
Change the whole of the content block to this -

<content target="music">musicdb://recentlyplayedalbums/</content>

although it wont play, only open them.

EDIT: With this commit you'll be able to play them by adding this to the list (id=8002) -

just changing the whole block wont show up anything...
i guess the statement

669 <visible>!IsEmpty(Window.Property(LatestAlbum.1.Title))</visible>

is mandatory for it to be visible...

Well, this stuff is much too complex for just "hacking around", i give up on it...

thanks anyway!