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Full Version: Subtitle and TV tunes automatic operation
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Maybe I just have the wrong addons but is there a way to automatically download subs for movies and theme songs for TV shows? I'm currently using tv tunes, which works great.... But I have to manually tell it to download each track.... Which can be tedious with 100+ series. For subtitles I'm using the base subtitle downloader....I forget the name. I have it set to download automatically but I still have to select it and click enter. Further, it does it on TV shows, which I don't need. Is there anyway to make these processes fully automatic?

Also, just a side question.... How can I make notifications silent? I have used several skins which can "turn off notifications" but it doesn't work. Thoughts?

^^^ That one enables what it says it doesTongue ^^^ This is in the options of the addon XBMC-subtitles.
You also need the Autosubs addon as shown in the list in the picture here below, this one will download subtitles as soon as you start up a video.
And of course the Autosubs addon also has some of it's own settings, but these are pretty self explanatory.

As to my knowledge there's still no addon that downloads subtitles as soon as the video has been downloaded/added to library Sad
There are also some more subtitle settings in settings--->video--->subtitles.


Above is a list of addons I accumulated over the years, perhaps you spot something useful.

As far as I know there's no automated theme song downloader.
And last there's an option in settings--->system-->audio output--->play gui sounds. This does turn the notification and menu sounds off in my case.

In case you didn't hear about it yet, you should really check out the Yatse remote for android and and apple (has functions like auto-mute when phone rings, Wake On LAN, virtual keyboard and much much more)

Hope this helps.