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Full Version: Comskip
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I didn't get an answer to this in the Windows forum for this but hopefully someone here knows.

Should NextScene and PreviousScene work in this current version of Kodi? I can't get it to pick up either the .edl or .txt files comskip is (apparently correctly) generating.
OK so for those who might have a similar problem I worked it out.

It will work with the .txt file comskip generates.
But not only will it not work with the .edl file, it obviously reads it in preference to the .txt file and so does nothing.

You need to delete or not generate the .edl file for ad skipping to work.

I still have an issue though, sometimes after skipping the ad, playback is paused for exactly 10 seconds. That pause happens about every second time .. but not predictably.
I am also having problems with comskip...

If I use the skip forward or backward buttons (up, down, left and right arrow keys) then instead of skipping forward or backwards 10 seconds, or 10 minutes etc it gets confused and skips much larger amounts depending on how many sets of adverts have been shown.

In fact after a set of adverts it becomes impossible to skip backwards as it jumps forwards despite pressing the left arrow?!

If I delete the .edl then skipping back and forth works fine but no advert skipping takes place during playback...

If I left the program play fully then ad skipping works great..

Any ideas on what I need to tweak?

I think this is a Kodi issue. I'm having the same problem with my setup.