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Full Version: PVR simple client not loading channels on 15.2
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Hello All,
I have M3U list with some TV channels.
The list is working perfectly on Kodi 14.x

I upgraded to 15.2 and the channels are not loading anymore!

I tried to downgrade again and it works perfectly on 14.x

Do you have any suggestions?
debug log (wiki) please

Sorry for the short problem description, i'm new to the forums and also to Kodi, so i don't know exactly what is required or where should i look first.

I have gone through several google searches and just yesterday finally found a topic advising adding "live=true" flag at the end of the M3U channel link and this solved the issue for 15.x versions.

I don't know what is the difference here between 15.x and 14.x but it is working without the flag on 14.x

Thanks again for your support.