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Full Version: UPnP sharing of strm files
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Having an issue with sharing of .strm files over UPnP. If the same .strm file is on the local system it plays fine. This is all undertaken using Kodi as the UPnP server & client, specifically the server is OpenELEC 5.95.5 and the clients used are on Windows 10, Linux Mint 17.2 (both Kodi 15.2) and another instance of OpenELEC 5.95.5.

I believe it is a bug and I've narrowed it down to the upnp:// url having an trailing "/" which prevents the file from playing. For instance, when sharing a file "test.strm" over UPnP, containing the following link:
the url that Kodi tries to play is
By removing the trailing "/", the video plays fine in Kodi clients. This was tested by placing the upnp:// url without the trailing "/" in a .strm file on the local system. Additionally, .strm files shared over sftp:// protocol also play without issue.

If you need debug logs, let me know and I'll get some using a clean Kodi install.


Did you ever solve the UPnP client failing to play a .strm file on host/Server
No haven't found a solution
please create a ticket on trac.kodi.tv
Bug Report created on Trac:
I can not find the kodi.log file to post with my ticket.
Did you find yours on the Client or the Host?
There is a log file on both the client and server. See here for locations depending on OS: http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Advanced#Location
Having looked into this a bit more it looks like the trailing "/" is also present with other files shared over UPnP so this doesn't appear to be the issue. It is a more general issue with how Kodi handles playlist files as this also happens with .m3u and .asx.

Kodi's UPnP Server is able to serve playlists as MediaMonkey on Windows is able to act as a UPnP client and play .m3u and .asx but Kodi's UPnP Client is unable to play them.

Not sure where to look further as I lack any C++ knowledge to investigate the code itself.