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Full Version: Kodi not opening
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Hi, installed Kodi 15.2 on my AC Ryan Veolo 2 Android version 4.2.2. ACR20131008 VEOLO version 1.1.4. Once upon opening, there is this message "waiting for external storage".
If I'm not mistaken I think you need Android 4.4.X or higher.
My set-top box is Android 4.4.2 (Ac Ryan Veolo 2). Managed to open it after doing re-installation several times. For once I thought I need to buy a external SD card, previously it was hung on the message mentioned above for more than 15 minutes.

Anyway, thanks.
Now it indicates that Kodi is not compatible with my device. The last 2 days after installed, it was working well and was enjoying. Can I understand that there is a newer version of Kodi 16 Alpha 3? If yes, seems that it could not been found in goggle playstore.