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Full Version: Kodi 15.2 not compatible with Philips TVs
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since RC3 I'm not able to update Kodi on my 2014 Philips TV running Android 4.2.2. Also a fresh installation is not possible due to "not compatible device". RC1 and RC2 were working well.

Currently, all 2014 Philips Android TV series (all have the same hardware and software: AND1E) are affected:
  • 7909
  • 8109
  • 8159
  • 8209
  • 9109
  • 9809

Strange thing are:
  • when logging into Google Play Store on my PC with the same login as on TV I get a "compatible" for the device "Philips AND1E" (this is the Philips TV name) - and I can "push" Kodi to the TV (but it's not being pushed)
  • when logging into Google Play Store on my TV, I cannot find the Kodi app in Play Store search
  • when logging into Google Play Store on my TV and go to "My Apps" and then to "All Apps" I can see my old Kodi RC installation, but I cannot update due to "not compatible device"

So, what did change from RC2 to RC3/final which prevents from updating or fresh installation of Kodi? (see Philips 2014 Android Requirements here: http://www.yourappontv.com/about-smart-tv/android)

[email protected]alex
check if you need android 4.4.x i saw it in another post
I have read on here there has been issues with the play store over the past couple days, so people have had problems updating. Its googles issue, not Kodi. Hopefully it gets sorted out shortly

And according to the play store, it is for 4.2 and up


it's not over the past couple days... as far as I remember, when RC3 was released, I also could not update...

[email protected]alex
Please check again (or in couple of hours) if Kodi is back.
Does this also apply for Philips 2015? -> 55PUS7600/12
(2015-10-27, 15:26)zerozero123 Wrote: [ -> ]Does this also apply for Philips 2015? -> 55PUS7600/12

Yes, start Store Google Play on your Philips ANDROID TV, KODI is available. You can update or install. Kodi 15.2 works fine!

(2015-10-27, 14:06)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Please check again (or in couple of hours) if Kodi is back.

It is back! Perfect! Thanks!

Can you please tell us some information, what was wrong with Kodi? I can see on my Kodi-Installation on my TV, that the compilation date was yesterday... so something changed within Kodi...

[email protected]alex
Hi guys,

I have bought 55puk7100. Kodi installs and works fine but 1080p movies are stuttering and buffering...
Same movies are opening fine by the TV itself without Kodi.
Any ideas if there is anything that can be tweaked to fix this?

Thanks in advance.