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Full Version: newby testimony
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i am KerryJoe55, i am sixty years old ,but feel like i'm 32.
i am a retired 91C3C us army nurse. the c identifier is for nuclear biological chemical certification
i would liked to have stayed in the army until the day i died.
i am a "basic level" kodi student.
i have been ripped off by all of the major tv providers, i pray that they and the oil companies and any other entity that treats their patrons like modern day slaves to their services would be replaced by people that care for their customers more then they care for the massive amounts of money that they squeeze out of their customers for the poor services they provide!
this is the last time i will express negativity in any of my post, the above is just testament to
what i feel...good people have the power to change bad situations.!
i love xmbc and all of it's derivatives.
to all involved "good job"!