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Full Version: Jumping from Music direct into Album
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Maybe my question was wrong placed at the FAQs, so I try it here.

Quote:i would like to know if it's possible to make album view as default music entry,
now when i enter the music library i see the artists first and i would like to have album art first, sorted on artistname.

Quote:Is it possible to fix it so I come directly to the album section? In skin Confluence it works, what you have choosen is next time your music entry.

The answer was:
Quote:you'd either have to modify the skin or just use the 'albums' submenu item.

Modify the skin would be the best way. But I don't know how I have to modify the skin (which file and so on...). I'm a beginner and need help for it. Can anybody help me?
Sorry that this response has taken 4 years but I thought it might be useful for people trying to do the same thing.

Goto Line 2591 in Includes_Home.xml in the T! folder ( %appdata%) it should look something like this

<onclick condition="Library.HasContent(Music)">ActivateWindow(Music,artists,return)</onclick>

Replace artists with albums and voila:

<onclick condition="Library.HasContent(Music)">ActivateWindow(Music,albums,return)</onclick>

This should also work with any of the music other submenu items.
@Camcs1 nice response; even if it's a tad late. I hope this renewal of interest means more tips & tricks from you!

Alternately you could use a Custom home Album button, delete the existing music button, and link the custom button with the Albums section by adding to favourites.