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Full Version: [CT2-4400 + e292] After Reboot - No Signal tvh or vdr
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Hello dear community,

I ve got a problem I can't solve and I am just about to give up. My DVB-C Sticks don't work properly.

My hardware:
* Intel NUC5PPYH
* DVB-C Stick - TechnoTrend CT2-4400
* DVB-C Stick - Tripple Stick 292e
* Image: OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0-devel-XXXXXX

It doesn't matter which image I use, it's the same problem.

First of all:
I don't want to use both sticks at the same time but just one. First I installed the TechnoTrend CT2-4400 Tuner. Assuming it was defect I bought the TrippleStick 292e. However, both don't seem to work. I never used both sticks simultaneously.

As backend I tried two different methods:

1) tvheadend + Tvheadend HTSP Client
Under tvheadend webif, tvheadend recognises the tuner after each reboot. DVB-C is alway activated. DVB-T is deactivated cause I don't need that. IF it finds a signal (which can be seen in status → broadband) he finds the channels. However, IF I reboot or shut down the PC, tvheadend will start but the tuner can'T find any signal (again which can be seen in status → broadband).
IF I deactivate and activate tvheadend addon 3-4x only then I will find a signal and everything works until I reboot or shutdown the system.
I already created a new user account. In the configs in tvheadend. I activated in the menu from tvheadend that tvheadend is supposed to wait until a device has been found.

2) VDR + VNSI Client
The same problem. If the tuner is found I can find and watch channels. After reboot, TVLive entry disappears in the menu and under configs → TV I cannot search for any channels let alone open VDR menu UNTIL the tuner is found sometime later.

I have no damn clue what to do now. Does anyone here have the same problems or any experience in that?

You should wait with starting vdr until the OS has detected the DVB stick. I don't use OpenElec myself, hence I don't know how it handles startup sequences. On my systems I use system d to observe this path /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0. If this path exists, system d starts vdr.
I bought a THIRD tuner, the DVBSky T680C. This one needs an external power supply (12v). Finally, with this one I get a broadband signal after each Switch on/off. Strangely enough this model also uses the same chipset (Slilicon Labs Si2168 FW) as the previously two models I bought.

So, I presumed that the two previous tuners needed more power. So I used an external USB Hub with external power supply. Result: With the TrippleTuner 292e, I got a signal after every second reboot/power switch. No kidding, after each second try! The second tuner (TechnoTrend CT2-4400 Tuner) showed similar results but still a bit worse. I rarely got a signal, but better than none.
The question is, why the heck do I get a signal after every second try? That is unexplainable to me. My USB Hub has 8 ampere, that is more than enough power. You might think why don't I use the third tuner? Well it costs the double.

Thanks in advance,
I don't know. You need to ask a kernel developer.