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Full Version: add source, done, remote share could not connect to network server.
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Hello. New user to Kodi,I have purchased a ott mxq android tv box recently. when i checked the version build kodi was at 14.2 build. It was/is kitkat 4.4.2.
The problem i'm having is all the great content i cant seem to add.
I have gone to add source, entered the http address and relevant info, done etc. and once i have triple checked the details from a yt video, and sometimes a website for that build, i press done again and get this message
Remote share could not connect to network server, then i think it asks would you still like to add source.
despite scouring you tube for this problem for a video guide on how to fix and what it means, i cant find an answer to do with adding source, and this message.
I think i've left the intenet settings as they were at default when box was first plugged in.
i updated kodi to 15.1 isengard last night, after deleting/removing 14.2. and yet problem still persists.

Second problem, may be related, but worth mentioning When selecting install from zip file i get, unable to connect-could not retrieve directory information.

i have had this box from new for about a week, yet cant really enjoy the content as it doesn't want to let me install things, has anyone got an idea what i may be able to do with these network settings, as the wifi is on, you can use the browser in the android part to search google etc, so i know the internet actually works.
sorry post may look quite long, but as there doesnt seem to be anywhere in kodi that i can find where the log errors are, i cant add them here. Thanks in advance, hopefully one of you will have experience of this.