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Full Version: little Mistake with Cover
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small mistake: CD cover does not change:

create playlist with several different artists (and Covers) and play
wait until the next song or change the songs with [.] period

in Home Screen:
backround and CD-cover changes -> ok:
in Full-Music-Screen:
backround and CD-cover changes -> ok:

Now press [n] for current playlist in in Full-Music-Screen
Playlist also appears (now without spinning CD)
change now the songs with [.] period
Backround changes -> ok BUT CD-cover does not change -> Fail
press again [n]
Playlist disappears and Cover updated now -> OK
small mistake in an otherwise super skin,
you are my hero :-)

Sorry for bad english

greetings from Düsseldorf, Germany
Kodi 15.2
Transparency 8.0.9
maybe it is a problem of Kodi - i have this also in the confluence-skin
where can i post this Problem?