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Full Version: Chorus - Flac audio files
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I am using Kodi 15.2 with the latest Chorus plugin and when I play Flac audios from browsers like Chrome or Firefox i do not get any sound, it works perfectly with any other audio format in the browser and the Flac audios play fine in the Kodi program.

Is there way to play Flac audio in local browser with Chorus plugin?

Thank you very much!
the Chorus interface uses standard streaming technologies... which is why it works with standard formats as mp3... and not with more complex formats as flac. Same for videos.

The resulting format limitation is the only drawback of this superb interface.
There is a chorus v2 under development... maybe they will add new techno in it... but I guess not.

otherwise you can try this foobar + foo-upnp plugin.
works well... but no beautiful design
Flac Support now available thanks to Chrome supporting it out of the box (version 56+)


Should work with Chorus1 tested and working in Chorus2