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Full Version: Request: xTV wrap and list view style options in PMIII skin?
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any idea if the wrap and or list view from the new apple like XTV skin could be incorporated into PMIII? PMIII is still my favorite skin. I would love the list view with the big cover art though...
I second that request. I also would love the see these features in PDM.
I third that request...

Here here! Or is it hear hear? Anyway, I agree. I have friends who just bought a brand spanking new laptop with everything on it, but when they see my XBMC with Clearity or xTV, they still get jealous! Hah!

XBMC; rocking socks since.... well, forever!
I 4th that! I looove viewing these DVD Posters... I have 1,000+ custom posters I made (grabbed ones I liked, changed dimensions, edited that small font u see in posters, etc) Smile