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Full Version: Basic Config\Install Guide?
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So maybe I'm missing something, but how do you get basic functionality out of RetroPlayer? Been digging through the forums\wiki and can't really find anything. I've got it installed - where do you go from there? Install RCB like normal?
For me to get it to work, I had to do the following (*after installing the 14.2 rebase):

1. Switch skin to Confluence.
2. Go to Games category.
3. Go to files.
4. Go to add files.
5. Add your ROM files folder. Mine was a folder called ROMs with subfolders (NES, GBA, Genesis, etc.)
6. Go to settings > Games > Input
7. Configure the input for whichever controllers (NES, etc)
8. Go back to the main page
9. Go to Games category
10. Go to files
11. Open the folder you added before, find a ROM file
12. Select whatever ROM to open, it may ask which emulator to run it in.

I was using the Windows version Garbear recently put up (14.2 rebase). I got NES, GB/GBC, GBA, and Genesis to work - pretty beautifully at that. I couldn't get a single PSX, 32X, or SNES game to run, but it's still early and likely the cores aren't quite there yet.

If you dig into the addons, you'll see there aren't any emulators listed for a few systems, namely Playstation and PSP (which I think was just recently added to libretro using the PPSSPP emulator base).

At this point, there's no scraper so you're going to be going by filename only for now.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Anonymous Coward!
That helped me a bit further in my quest for making SNES work on my raspberry pi 2.
When I open the input setup it responds to every button I push on the USB SNES controller (from Aliexpress), however when I start the game (for example SMW 1) the controller doesn't respond as I would expect. The Y button behaves like a "start" button and the "X" as an "UP" button. The four point button works correct so I can run Mario around but the rest fails.
Could someone help me out a bit further please?
Did you configure your controller?
See: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=252465
Thanks for your reply a1rwulf!
I forgot to mention that I am trying to make it work via Rom Collection Browser.
The "normal way" works, I have setup the conroller and I am using Pocket Snes since the other emulators were choppy or didn't work at all. Now I was trying to make it more fancy with RCB because then you have nice boxart, info etc.
OK sorry I can't help out with RCB.
Gave it a try again after some time and it was dead easy, but just in case someone comes across this topic with the same question I'll tell what did it for me:
Just change the <useBuiltinEmulator> value to "true" in the RCB config.xml file and voila! Smile