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Full Version: Tutorial? Customize main menu/buttons
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First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I am using Openelec 6.0.0 with Kodi Isengard 15.2 and T! 8.0.9 (?) on a Intel CYPH NUC and I like it very much.
It looks fantastic.
I dont like to do dumb questions, so can you tell me where I can find a written tutorial für T! ?

I am searching for a way to modify the menu/buttons on main screen.
Currently I use for example the button "Video" and there are my sources like: "HD-Movies", "SD-Movies", "Kids-Movies", "Series".....etc..

When I push the button "Series" in main menu it ist automatically connected to source "Series", that ist great.
I would like to do the same with other buttons/sources.
So what I would like to do is to put new buttons on main screen that are connected to my sources like "Series".

The main menu should look like:

If you have any tutorial that helps me to do that or if you tell me, that there is no way :-(....

Thanks in advance.
It seems that I found some hint in the normal Kodi section but for T!
I will try it at home, thanks.
It seems that the mentioned Thread is old.
The main poster Myth posted the last time in 2014 and the T! - Includes_home.xml changed a lot since them....
Is nobody here that can help?
I see what you want... might be better to look at nodes Video nodes (wiki) and Add-on:Video Node Editor (wiki), and in settings remove the buttons you don't want to show and add/rename all 3 custom buttons with links to some of the nodes marked as favourites.

I don't think I would use this method, it's complex, hard to set-up and in the end an update might have you swimming in places you didn't want to go. I'd either use smart playlists or tags and link them to the homepage via favourites and sub menu items from the 3 allowed custom buttons.

As a second thought why not use separate sources for each of your folders, each with an icon.


Then in settings>appearance chose startup in videos.
Good morming Patk,

thank you for your response.
You are right, the way in mentioned Thread looks for me very complex and i am not sure what will happen, if the dev of T! changes things in newer versions so that my changes will stop working.
I already have separated sources for different folders on my NAS. That is no problem. The only problem is how to get connected the single sources to single buttons on home menu.....

Video nodes is not what i want, that is similar to what i already have.
Your second idea, sources with icons, i have to check it out.
Something like this.

Looks good, maybe I could try this on weekend....;-)